Math Xcelerator Program Overview

Math Xcelerator is a fully online summer bridge program designed to help students learn math study strategies and review concepts needed to be successful during their first year at UofL. The program will take place from July 6 – July 31. Participants will explore pre-algebra and algebra content at their own pace with the assistance of interactive courseware, a facilitator, and knowledgeable math tutors. Math Xcelerator also features engaging weekly essential skills presentations and utilizes guided instruction (instead of lectures) to help prepare students for college-level math courses.

Is this program for you?

First-time UofL students are strongly encouraged to take the ACCUPLACER placement test to determine their math course placement for the fall semester. The ACCUPLACER should be taken before summer orientation. Please note that during the COVID-19 pandemic, only virtual test-at-home options will be offered. Information regarding the Accuplacer is available on the UofL Testing Services website:

Freshmen who have experienced difficulties with math and have standardized test scores in the following ranges are strongly encouraged to participate in the Math Xcelerator program:

For 2020 summer program:

  • ACT Math sub-score between 0 – 18
  • SAT Math sub-score between 0 – 490
  • ACCUPLACER Arithmetic (ARTH) score between 200 – 262

IMPORTANT NOTE: Students in the Math Xcelerator program must stay on schedule and complete all homework assignments and tests at an 80% mastery level. If a student procrastinates on assignments and is not self-motivated, that student may not be successful in this summer review program.

What are the advantages of participating in Math Xcelerator?

This summer program...

  • The program, sponsored by UPS and Hawkes Learning, is free for all admitted participants (includes all program materials and software).
  • Students will build ability and confidence in the areas of pre-algebra and algebra.
  • Math Xcelerator helps students place into higher-level required mathematics courses, potentially saving time and money on coursework.