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Purchasing 42.00

Campus Sponsorship Policy


  1. All current or future sponsorship marketing agreements, inclusive of extensions and renewals of grandfathered agreements, must be communicated to, reviewed by and approved by the Office of Communications and Marketing.
  2. OCM is the only department with authorized signatory authority on all sponsorship agreements or marketing contracts.  Individual units or departments should not contract directly with a sponsor on behalf of the University.
  3. Any agreement that provides marketing access to university audiences en masse (e.g. all students, all faculty, all staff, all alumni, all visitors) are only managed and executed by OCM in partnership with the Department of Purchasing.
  4. If a unit identifies a prospective sponsor for a specific activity or asset, they must contact OCM to gain approval and ultimately execution of the final agreement.
  5. OCM will be present on any department-specific Request for Proposal where sponsorship or marketing value could be a portion of agreement with the potential vendor, as determined by OCM and the Department of Purchasing.
  6. Anyone responsible for compliance of any type is responsible for notifying the Office of Communications & Marketing of any prohibitions relative to sponsorship.


This policy will be monitored by OCM in cooperation with the Office of Purchasing.  There will be an annual review by the Sponsorship Advisory Committee.  Any exceptions to this policy must have prior approval from OCM, which will be considered on a case-by-case basis.

For more information about this policy, including the rationale for the policy and definitions, please visit the Sponsorship Policy page.


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