Procure-to-Pay Guidelines

Effective January 1st, 2015 the University will implement several procure-to-pay updates.  Some of these changes are based on recommendations that were made during an external review of University business practices, however the additional reasons for recommending these changes are related to increasing operational efficiencies, providing procedural clarity, strengthening contracts and improving internal controls over purchases.

The University of Louisville currently has three mechanisms (ProCard, PO & Payment Requests) for procuring goods and non-PSC services with a value of less than $4,500.  The number of options very often can lead to confusion as to what is the best and proper method to make a purchase.  This confusion leads to documents having to be reworked or completely redone utilizing the correct process.  The increased use of the University’s ProCard program will provide efficiency and a streamlined approach to procuring goods of a relatively low dollar amount for the University.

Please see the Summary of Procure-to-Pay Updates for all the details relating to these changes.