Keith B. Lyle, Principle Investigator

Keith B. Lyle

Anna Kelley, Graduate Student

Anna Kelley

Anna Kelley is a second-year graduate student. She is interested in factors affecting the accuracy of eyewitness memory, especially techniques that may increase eyewitness accuracy. These techniques include making repeated saccadic eye movements before retrieving memories and closing one’s eyes during retrieval. She is also interested in individual differences that may impact the usefulness of these techniques. 

Sarah French, Graduate Student


Sarah French is a first-year graduate student.  She is interested in how people form beliefs, both trivial and deeply-held, as well as factors that influence the relative ease or difficulty with which individuals update beliefs when presented with new information.  She is also interested in identifying threats to memory accuracy and techniques for reducing memory errors, particularly in high-stakes settings such as education and criminal investigations.

Undergraduate Research Assistants