Sustainability Roundtable

Welcome! The Sustainability Roundtable is a collaborative speaker series hosted by the Sustainability Council at the University of Louisville. The talks are open to anyone with an interest in sustainability (or social-ecological resilience). Anyone can present at the speaker series and participate in the audience, including including faculty, staff, students, practitioners, teachers, government officials, and leaders and members of the public. Any and all topics related to sustainability are welcome! We also welcome projects or ideas in any stage of development. The purpose of this speaker series is to increase public awareness, while providing a platform for collaborative research and practice.

If you would like to give a presentation, or would like to invite a particular speaker, please contact Dr. Daniel DeCaro ( or Dr. Justin Mog (


Every other Friday, 11am-12noon in Urban and Public Affairs (426 W. Bloom St), Room 200. This speaker series is in the tradition of Vincent Ostrom and Nobelist Elinor Ostrom's Workshop in Political Theory & Policy Analysis, which was focused on innovative and productive (research-based) transdisciplinary exploration of solutions to major societal problems. With that in mind the format is:

30-40 minute presentation by the speaker followed by 20-30 minute open discussion. This provides time for the audience to engage in meaningful collaborative discussion. Please reserve comments until after the speaker has finished the presentation. (Projector available in the room).

Current Talks (Spring 2019)


January 18
Dave Simpson (UofL Urban and Public Affairs). Dogs, Sustainability, and Health

February 1
Carolyn Waters (Bellarmine University). Environmental Education and Citizen Science

February 15
David Wicks. Ohio River Recreational Trail: Trail Planning and Sustainable Ecotourism

March 1
Venkata Gullapalli. Title to be added
March 29
Jonathan Freedman (Assistant Director Envirome Institute, Dept of Pharmacology and Toxicology). CLB Envirome Institute: Addressing the impact of the environment on human health.

April 12
Mary Ellen Wiederwohl (Chief of Louisville Forward, Metro Government). Sustainability is Economic Development: How sustainability and environmental protection support the growth and prosperity of the city.