Now Accepting Graduate Students!


PhD Students (Psychology, Behavioral Economics)

I am currently accepting applications for a funded PhD student fellowship in Experimental Psychology (& Behavioral Economics), through the Department of Psychological & Brain Sciences. Funding is available for up to 5 years ($42,000 per year: includes stipend, tuition, and benefits). The student will contribute to a National Science Foundation research project about human decision making and cooperation. The project examines the psychological, and economic, processes involved when groups try to manage a limited resource. This research contributes to a broader understanding of human behavior, and important societal issues.

Students interested in human decision making, economics, or social and political aspects of societal issues will be especially welcomed! Students with a background in psychology, economics, or any other social or political science degree will be well suited.

PhD and Masters Students (Urban and Public Affairs, Sustainability)

I am currently accepting PhD and Masters Students for the PhD in Urban and Public Affairs, and interdisciplinary Masters in Sustainability, through the Department of Urban and Public Affairs. Students may apply for one of the UPA department's graduate student assistantships. Graduate students in my research team contribute to research projects investigating different aspects of governance (e.g., law and public policy) and participatory democracy (e.g., public engagement). Current projects deal with water governance, urban gardens, social and environmental justice, and metropolitan public engagement.

  • Students with a background in political science, economics, law, sociology/anthropology, public administration, or any other related areas will be well suited.
  • Interested students please contact me for more information!