PeopleSoft Travel and Expense Module

All Executive Administration Units will begin using the new PeopleSoft Travel & Expense module for all:

  • Employee Travel Reimbursements
  • Student Travel Reimbursements
  • Employee & Student Non-Travel Reimbursements
  • International pre-trip travel authorizations
  • Cash advance requests (international travel or student group trips).

In order to streamline this process and provide timely and efficient requests for individuals, we have designated specific people, Proxies, who will process the information submitted on the T&E Web Entry form on your behalf. Please use the T&E Web Entry form below to supply all the necessary information about your request to the proxies.

After a request is entered into the PeopleSoft system by the proxy, you will be notified to log into the T&E system and “submit” the request. By submitting the request, you are attesting to the accuracy & business necessity of the applicable expenses and compliance with the University’s travel and reimbursement policies. The request will be routed electronically to your supervisor and business person for review and approval. For reimbursements, individuals typically receive payment 5-7 days after the departmental approvals have been completed.

Expense Reimbursement Request Process

Proxies: Amanda Detherage and Tonja Craig

For questions related to employee and student travel and non-travel reimbursements, please e-mail Exec Administration CBS T and E,Service Account .