Procurement Card Process

Executive Administration Coordinated Business Services is responsible for reporting the Executive Administration unit's certification to the Procurement Card Office for all procurement cards housed in Executive Administration units.  Our goal is to assist all Executive Administration units with managing the responsibilities of using and maintaining a procurement card(s).  The EACBS will complete a thorough review of the Transaction Summary Log submissions along with the appropriate back up for each transaction recorded.  As a reminder, procard reconcilers should ensure charges are reallocated (when applicable) prior to the Procurement Card Office/PeopleSoft deadlines. 

We are working with units to provide appropriate guidelines on routing the Transaction Summary Logs through the approvers electronically with the back-up documentation attached.  This information is also crucial in completing the program/speedtype reconciliation process timely.

Procurement card Transaction Summary Logs (TSL) will be collected monthly per the designated schedule. Please e-mail a copy of your completed, signed, and approved log and the Excel electronic version of the BA3 log to Executive Administrative Coordinated Business Services at Exec. Administration CBS ProCard,Service Account.

Please remember: A log must be completed and approved even if there are no transactions for the month. Simply enter "No transactions" on the log and obtain signatures. Please remember that on the log sheet, the cardholder cannot be a department name – the owner's name must be listed where it says "name" on card. If a department name is listed, the log sheet may be returned to you for correction. Please make sure that your log is submitted on time. If not received by the due date, your procard is subject to suspension or cancellation. The due dates for the logs are can be found at Procurement Card Schedule and Deadlines (PDF).