Onboarding Requests

Student, Temporary, Graduate Assistant OnBoarding Web Entry Form

Effective September 2016, all departments within the Executive Vice President and University Provost Office will begin using the new OnBoarding Web Entry Request form to hire/rehire all

  • Students
  • Temporaries
  • Graduate Assistants 

In order to streamline the process and provide timely and efficient service to departments, please submit all requests to Executive Administrative Coordinated Business Services (EACBS) on the Student, Temp, Graduate Assistant Web Entry Request Form. EACBS will review the information and process the request appropriately. Please supply complete and thorough information in the form so that we may process your request expeditiously.  This information will be used by Executive Administrative Coordinated Business Services to onboard your employee with University Business Operations. 

Executive Administrative Coordinated Business Services will strive to process your requests within 1-2 business days with University Business Operations.  However, any incomplete information on the form may delay the request.

Executive Administrative Coordinated Business Services would like to submit employment requests as far in advance as possible of the new hire’s desired start date.  Departmental timely submission of the request form will allow these employees to begin the Criminal Background Check process (if needed), and complete the required I-9 verification process well in advance so that there are no delays to the start date.

Important Reminder:

Criminal Background Checks (CBC’s) are currently required for all pay groups except for Federal Work Study Students and Graduate Assistants.  CBC’s must be submitted and completed prior to a student assistant or casual temporary employee’s start date.

CBC’s are not necessary for employees who are rehired within a 1-year timeframe as long as they remain within the same pay group.  In addition, CBC’s are not necessary for individuals who are current employees of the University (i.e. adding another assignment).