The University has changed the process for deposits of cash, coins and checks. Departments will no longer use the Bursar’s Office Transmittal form. University Accounting has developed a new process utilizing a deposit grid and tamper-resistant bags for the deposit. Please contact Exec. Administration CBS Services,Service Account for deposit tickets and tamper-resistant deposit bags.

The general process is:

  • Place all cash, coins and checks in a tamper-resistant bag with a deposit ticket
  • Seal the bag
  • Take the bag to either the Bursar’s Office or a PNC Bank branch
    • If the bag is taken to the Bursar’s office, the employee who receives the bag from you will tear off the receipt strip from the bag, sign their initials and provide you with the strip as your receipt. This is your proof that you dropped off the bag. It does not prove the contents of the bag because the Bursar’s Office staff will no longer review/validate the contents. They are simply the holding department for deposits until they are picked up by the University’s armored car service and taken to the bank.
    • If the bag is taken to a PNC branch, the teller will review/validate the contents and provide you with a bank deposit receipt for your records.
    • When the deposit is made (either at the Bursar’s Office or at a PNC branch) the department will also complete the deposit grid and e-mail to University Accounting with a cc: to Exec. Administration CBS Reconciliation,Service Account

As a reminder, all deposits must be made within 3 business days of receipt per University policy. Please continue to also complete the UofL Cash and Check Receipt/Deposit Log.

Deposit grid and instructions (on the 2nd tab):

Ex. Admin Grid (XLS)

(*If you are in a department that has a unique location number (Admissions, Testing Services, Delphi Center, etc), please use the deposit grid that you were previously provided that has the correct location number.)