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Call for final feedback on strategic plan

We've all heard the phrase, "Create your own destiny." No matter the context in which it's applied, what it really means is take charge, set goals and work for them.

As we await a final decision from the state legislature on funding for the next biennium, it may seem to some to be unwise to unveil our strategic plan right now. The truth is that we cannot afford to wait. We have made tremendous gains in so many areas in the last decade. We cannot let uncertainty stymie our momentum.

We need a plan and a clear vision to carry us forward. Without it, everything we have done so far will come to an abrupt halt.

Our new strategic plan takes us to the year 2020. It addresses everything from our graduation rates to the number of patents and licenses our faculty generate.

Throughout the planning process, we’ve relied on input from the campus community and the community at large. We’re asking for your input again. As we finalize the plan and fill in the remaining gaps, please review the draft overview and scorecard. Send me your feedback.

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