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Celebration of Teaching and Learning is next week

We are getting ready for our annual Celebration of Teaching and Learning.

Each year at this time, we not only celebrate the very essence of everything we do at a university, but also engage with colleagues and experts to learn how to engage students in new ways and to help create deeper and more substantial learning opportunities.

This year’s Celebration will be all day Oct. 17 at Shelby Campus. While I know many faculty cannot attend all day, I urge you to attend either the morning or afternoon session.

The Delphi Center for Teaching and Learning has put together a program to help us explore how to better engage students. We know that engaged students are more likely to do well and to graduate. Educational excellence and increased graduation rates are components of our 2020 Plan that outlines where we want to be in the year 2020. We also are fostering student engagement as part of our quality enhancement plan “Ideas to Action.”

Todd Zakrajsek, executive director of the Center for Faculty Excellence at the University of North Carolina-Chapel Hill will address the subject of student apathy head-on in his talk, “Overcoming Apathy in the Classroom: Strategies for Teaching from The Psychology of Learning.”

In the afternoon, UofL faculty will share ways they are enhancing students’ critical thinking in the classroom and fostering student engagement in the community.

We have no more important job than providing our students with the best possible educational experience. I hope to see you Oct. 17 as we work together toward this goal.

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