Discover Your Entrepreneurial Talent

Successful entrepreneurs possess the rare talent of turning ideas into prosperity. These business-builders inject new energy into the economy and are crucial to job growth. Gallup researched many successful entrepreneurs to determine how they start, sustain and grow successful companies. From this research, and based on the methodology that created the StrengthsFinder® series, Gallup designed the Entrepreneurial Profile 10™ (EP10) assessment to help people discover their innate talents for starting and growing businesses. EP10 provides a common language people can use to discuss what they do best as it relates to starting or growing a business.

You Will Learn How To:

  • Discover exactly what entrepreneurial talents are strong for you
  • Know what it means to lead with the talents you possess
  • Create specific strategies to cultivate your talents
  • Create a plan of action for developing talents
  • Know what the types of relationships you need to build

Seminar Fee

$430 (includes instruction, seminar manual, refreshments, certificate of completion and parking) plus a non-refundable EP10™ assessment fee of $20

Seminar Dates

Two half-days from 8:30 a.m. – noon

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