The sub-certifications are recommended for employees who are responsible for one or more areas covered by the UBT program. There are three sub-certifications available in the following areas:

  • Procurement Specialist
  • Financial Specialist
  • Human Resources Specialist

Participants will register to participate in a cohort and proceed through their sub-certification curriculum together as a group. Classes include an online section which participants have four to six weeks to complete, followed by a classroom session. The start dates for each specialty sub-certification are listed below. A detailed calendar will be provided on the day of your first class. In the case of unavoidable schedule conflicts, special accommodations are possible.

Detailed Curriculum Requirements

Procurement Specialist Sub-Certification
University 101
Internal Controls and IT Security
Procuring and Paying for Goods and Services
Fraud Prevention
Financial Specialist Sub-Certification
University 101
Internal Controls and IT Security
Financial Administration
Fraud Prevention
Human Resources Specialist
University 101
Internal Controls and IT Security
HR Overview Classroom
Employment and Compensation
Employee Relations and Salary Administration (includes University Benefits content)
Fraud Prevention

* Participants must complete all online modules and classroom sessions unless otherwise noted.


Sub-Certification Program Fee: $600*

*The fee for each subsequent Sub-Certification is $300.

If you are interested in registering for a UBT Sub-Certification, please call John Spence at 502.852.8855.

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