Testing Policy

Online Quizzes: To pass and complete an online class in Blackboard and proceed to the classroom session, a participant must pass all module quizzes with at least an 85% score on each quiz within three attempts.

Certification Exam: To pass a UBT class, a participant must receive a score of 85% or above on a proctored certification exam at the end of a training session. If a participant is unable to pass the certification exam, the participant will receive customized assistance to discover what specific subject area was missed and help the participant identify ways to improve their knowledge and skills in that area. The participant will then be allowed to retake the exam.

Test Out: A participant is allowed to test out of a particular University Business Training class at no additional cost. To test out of a UBT class, a participant must receive at least a 85% on a one-time proctored exam.

General Electives Policy

The purpose of the UBT General Electives is to round out the technical learning with some of the general skills and knowledge that is central to successful professionals. Technical, interpersonal, and thinking skills are the categories targeted by the general electives requirement. Program participants are encouraged to select training that is relevant to their needs.

  1. Eighteen hours of general electives are required to meet UBT Certification requirements.
  2. Participants may choose to take selected Delphi Center professional development seminars at a discounted (university 50% discount) rate.
  3. Other training that occurred after the start of the program may be submitted for a general elective in the program. Participants should email the UBT Service Account with a class outline and proof of attendance for their General Elective submission. Approval will be based on relevance of content and number of contact hours indicated by proof of attendance.
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