Frequently Asked Questions

Why is UBT important to the university?

A number of audits indicated that the university had training issues with business administration. The University Business Training certification program was created to provide a university-wide process to ensure that all unit business managers and individuals dealing with financial and human resources processes have the training they need to be effective in their positions.

Who's leading this effort?

The University Business Training certification program consists of several teams composed of high level university business and learning experts. Please visit the Teams page for a detailed list of the UBT teams. The Delphi Center is responsible for leading program implementation.

Who will be required to obtain certification?

Those required to complete the UBT certification program will receive an email from the Delphi Center. Full UBT certification is required for all University of Louisville employees who fit any of the following criteria:

  • Unit Business Manager or Unit Financial Manager titles
  • Budget Coordinators
  • Employees responsible for at least two of the following: budget transfers, budget preparations, or ProCard approvals as indicated in PeopleSoft security clearance status.

These participants will be given priority placement in the program. Those who are required to completed the program will receive an email indicating their required status. Those who do not fit the criteria above are not required to complete the program, but are invited to register and attend.

What is the time commitment? Also, is there a deadline for completing the required certification?

UBT certification will require approximately eight to ten hours per month over a period of 15 months to complete. The program consists of online, self-paced modules, as well as classroom sessions and exams. Those required to complete certification (see above) must register during open registration. Cohort groups will begin their course of study at the scheduled start dates.

What will this cost the department? What does this cover?

The cost of the program is $1,250 per person for full certification payable by ProCard at the time of registration and it is not refundable. This fee covers registration, online administration, on-going access to online modules and updated training, training materials and testing.

Registration fees for the UBT sessions are unallowable as a direct charge to a sponsored project. In addition, individuals completing the UBT sessions must utilize non-sponsored time and effort.

What are the testing requirements? What happens if the UBA seeking certification doesn't pass the test?

Online Quizzes in Blackboard

To pass and complete an online class in Blackboard and proceed to the classroom session, a participant must pass all module quizzes within three attempts and with at least an 85% score by the online class completion. If a participant is unable to pass one or more online quizzes, the participant will be contacted with additional information.

Certification Exams in Classroom Sessions:

To pass a UBT class, a participant must receive a score of 85% or above on a proctored certification exam administered at the end of each classroom session, with exception of University 101 and Human Resources Overview. If a participant is unable to pass the certification exam, he or she will receive customized assistance to discover what learning needs have not been met and help the participant identify ways to improve their knowledge and skills in that area. The participant will then be allowed to retake the exam or a portion of that exam.

Test Out Opportunities

A participant is allowed to test out of a particular University Business Training class at no additional cost. To test out of a UBT class, a participant must receive at least a 85% on the proctored exam. One attempt is allowed to test out of a class.

What is the process for "testing out" of a class?

A proctored exam will be administered by UofL Testing Services. Participants must be registered for a class prior to attempting to test out. If you would like to take the exam, please email Tammy Duddy in Testing Services and include "UBT Test Out" in the subject line. Please indicate which test out exam you would like to attempt and submit your email in order to receive your test out date and time. Your test will be administered by Testing Services in Davidson Hall, room 310. A score of 85% or higher is required to test out of a class. If you do not pass the exam, you will be required to complete the online and classroom portions as scheduled. If you pass the exam, no participation in the online or classroom sessions are required. Testing out is not an option for University 101, Human Resources Overview, or Fraud Prevention.

Where will the classes be held?

Classes will be held on UofL campuses. Sites will vary according to the needs and locations of the training cohorts.

What courses will be required for certification?

All of the UBT Core Classes must be completed in order to receive certification. General Electives are also offered for continued development and you must take at least 18 hours to receive certification. For a complete list of the UBT curriculum, please visit the curriculum page.

What happens if someone misses an entire class due to unforeseen circumstances?

Participants will be allowed to make up one class by attending a subsequent session with another cohort. Extended absences and other issues will be addressed on a case-by-case basis.

Who teaches UBT classes? How are they structured?

Courses will be taught by a variety of subject matter experts within the university. The online portion of the courses will be available through Blackboard. Most classes will have an online portion followed by a classroom session. A few courses will be offered entirely online.

Whom do I contact for further information?

Please email us or call Alex Bryant at 502.852.4620 for additional information.

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