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Quick Reference Guide

Learn about the UBT program and its requirements by downloading the Quick Reference Guide [PDF].

The University Business Training program is designed for Unit Business Managers (UBMs) and other Unit Business Administrators (UBAs) at the University of Louisville. The university assembled a team of UBMs and university experts to assess the training needs of the university's UBAs and to design a program to meet those needs. Through extensive research, they identified the core areas of knowledge that are required to carry out the complex and challenging work of a UBA. This model served as a guide to design the curriculum that has become the University Business Training program.


A UBT Leadership Team and UBT Implementation Team guided the work as classes were developed. The Delphi Center worked with content experts across the university to produce up-to-date, relevant, and engaging learning experiences. Classes are constantly revised and updated to provide the most current information about policies and procedures for the participants. Many of the classes include an online section and a classroom experience. Participants in the program must demonstrate their competency by passing all online quizzes and a final certification exam after each classroom experience. Candidates also have the option of testing out of many of the core classes in the program. For additional information on the curriculum requirements, please visit the Curriculum section.

Completion of the entire program (all of the core classes and 18 hours of general electives are required) results in achievement of UBT Certification. This certification is required of all UBMs and key business administrators in the university.

Pricing Information

Cost: $1250 per person for full certification

Registration fees for the UBT sessions are unallowable as a direct charge to a sponsored project. In addition, individuals completing the UBT sessions must utilize non-sponsored time and effort.

Participant Information

Those required to complete the UBT certification program will receive an email from the Delphi Center. Full UBT certification is required for all University of Louisville employees who fit any of the following criteria, and they will receive priority placement in the program:

  1. Unit Business Manager or Unit Financial Manager titles
  2. Budget Coordinators
  3. Employees responsible for at least two of the following: budget transfers, budget preparations, or ProCard approvals as indicated in PeopleSoft security clearance status.

Additional Information

  • Test-out option for an individual class is permitted at no additional charge.
  • Those not required to take the full program may choose to take UBT Sub-Certifications in the areas of Human Resources, Purchasing and Financial Administration.

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