About Us

As your only local public university, we are vested in the Louisville business community and its success. We believe that learning can be a tremendous strategic advantage. That's why we partner with our clients to build learning strategies that support long-term goals and employee growth. After all, a company's success is only as great as its employees' success.

Not quite sure where to start?

Our seminars are an easy way to begin creating an impact in your organization. These one-day classes help employees master the skills that are critical to leaders at all levels of an organization. Additionally, our instructors are experts in their fields and share their on-the-job tips and tricks that help employees excel in their jobs.

Whether you are looking to credentialize your employees through a certificate program or help them build skills through our seminars, we can provide the supplemental training you need. If you are looking to create a customized learning program to develop your workforce's capabilities, we can work with you to develop a program that is unique to your company such as a Corporate University. We can also assist with creating programs to meet your short-term learning needs with our targeted learning solutions.

Our Process

We know that when it comes to training and employee development, every organization is different. First we work with our clients to gain a better understanding of what they need. Based on the need and the end goal, we design the solution and solicit feedback. Then, we develop and deliver the program. Throughout the entire process we evaluate the program's effectiveness and discuss how the maximum impact can be achieved.

We create aligned teams - not just trained individuals. We are committed to our clients' success and will work with you to determine or create programs that will help you reach your goals.

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Learn more about how we can develop a strategic learning initiative in your organization.

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We Can Help You

  • Close performance gaps
  • Handle change management by creating leaders that are flexible enough to support the organization's goals
  • Develop talent (after all, skills don't automatically translate into leadership)
  • Train employees on new systems or processes
  • Create on-boarding programs for new employees
  • Build employee engagement, excitement and morale in order to reduce turnover and create efficiencies

Join Our Instructor Team

Are you passionate about sharing your expertise with others? Our instructors use their on-the-job experience to deliver the latest best practices and insights to help others excel in their careers. Learn more.

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