Apply for a ProCard

What do I need to do before applying for a ProCard?

  • Must be an employee of University of Louisville, University of Louisville Athletic Association, or the University of Louisville Research Foundation. Temporary employees are not eligible to receive a ProCard.
  • Identify who will be the cardholder, proxy, funding reviewer, approver, and Director/Department Chair or Dean/Vice President associated with the account. The cardholder can be the funding reviewer of the account, but not the approver.
  • Make sure all roles have completed the required testing and training as applicable:
    • Cardholder – ProCard Policies/Procedures Test score of 100%.
    • Proxy- ProCard Policies/Procedures Test score of 100%.
    • Funding Reviewer – ProCard Policies/Procedures Test score of 100%
    • Approver – ProCard Policies/Procedures Test score of 100% 

How do I apply for a ProCard?

  • Complete the application process in PeopleSoft.
    • If you do not have access to the application in PeopleSoft Financials, please contact the financial administrator or Unit Business Manager (UBM) of your department who can assist.
  • Print the application through Power BI (the hard copy application will be available to print immediately upon completing the electronic application in PeopleSoft).
  • Review printed application for accuracy, obtain required signatures, add address, and send application to the ProCard Office via campus mail or email to the  .

When can I pick-up my ProCard?

  • The new ProCard will arrive within 3-5 business days after the completed application is received and processed.
  • The ProCard Office will notify the cardholder when the ProCard is available to be picked up.
  • The following information is required when picking up ProCard:
  • Picture ID
    -  Certificate of Destruction - for old card, if a replacement is being issued
    -  Proxy Statement – if another employee is picking up the card on behalf of the cardholder
    -  The cardholder must sign the back of the ProCard immediately upon receipt and call the telephone number indicated   on back of the card to activate the card.