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Alcohol/Entertainment Purchases

The University and its affiliated and related corporations recognize entertainment is a legitimate operational expense as long as it is related to the University's or the corporation's strategic mission.  For authorization of expenses related to entertainment, the business purpose supporting the detailed entertainment transaction (including expenditures with the University Club) must be documented and approved by the employee's Director, Department Chair, Dean, Vice President, Provost or President.  In situations of group entertainment expenses, a supervisor may not approve the charges of a subordinate if the supervisor was included in the group. The transaction should be approved by the highest level supervisor who was not included in the group.

Documentation and approval must be included with the original itemized receipt.  The business purpose must clearly demonstrate how the expense contributes to the University or corporate mission, to include:

  1. name of establishment, city and state;
  2. name and title of attendees;
  3. exact amount and date of expense;
  4. specific business topic discussed; and
  5. specific time of business discussion (before, during or after the event).


In addition to the above requirements, if alcohol will be purchased, prior approval must be obtained from the employee's Director, Department Chair, Dean, Vice President, Provost or President.  Alcohol must also be an allowable expense on the selected funding source.

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