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LGBT Services Announces New Ambassador Program

by Buford,Brian Wesley last modified Mar 13, 2012 10:24 PM

As part of its missiopride clock towern to reach out to students in new and innovative ways, the Office for LGBT Services is launching a new program for the 2012-13 academic year.

The Ambassadors Program was created to assist the office in reaching out to students on campus and creating a safe space for those who need it most.  Ambassadors will be the first point of contact for new students and visitors, and help create a positive first impression for our work.  Working as a member of a strong team, ambassadors will develop and design outreach projects, advise the office on important issues and concerns, and connect the office to other programs and efforts on campus related to social justice and equity.

Each academic year, the office will select 5-10 ambassadors who represent a variety of backgrounds, identities, disciplines, and points of view.  Ambassadors will be expected to:

•    Spend 3-5 hours per week in the Intersection welcoming students and sharing resources
•    Represent the office at campus and community events
•    Attend monthly meetings
•    Develop and implement one outreach project each semester.
•    Meet prospective students and tell them the benefits of attending U of L
•    Lead and participate in “speak outs” and classroom presentations
•    Attend one teambuilding retreat each semester

You can apply to be an LGBT Services Ambassador if you want to help send a welcoming, supportive message to the campus and promote the services offered by the office.  We will give preference to students who are not already committed to multiple leadership roles and have time to devote to this important effort.  We will also seek students who represent the spectrum of identities, academic disciplines, backgrounds, and interests. Other qualifications include:

•    A welcoming, friendly attitude that creates a spirit of community
•    An interest in incorporating principles of nonviolence into your life and work
•    The desire to reach out to people who may not fit into other social circles
•    The willingness to examine your identity and to challenge your assumptions and privileges
•    A love for working as a member of a team

Term of service is one academic year, with a review at the end of the fall semester.  Ambassadors must remain in good academic standing at U of L and abide by all university policies and procedures.

Becoming an ambassador is an opportunity to make a difference on campus and help provide direction to the office. Ambassadors receive a $300 stipend for the year and endless opportunities to grow and develop as leaders.  

How to Apply
Write us at and tell us why you think you’d be a good ambassador. The deadline to be a 2012-13 ambassador is March 30. 

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