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by remann03 last modified Mar 07, 2012 03:55 PM

The Office for LGBT Services serves as the hub for several groups and registered student organizations (RSOs) on campus and provides logistical support and direction to help them promote LGBT issues and services. 

Groups can request funding for their efforts by filling out a request form at least 30 days before needed.

Other university departments that provide financial support and sponsorship of RSO/group activities include:

The Commission on Diversity and Racial Equality
Request form here.

The Commission on the Status of Women
Request form here.

The Cultural Center
Request form here.

Student Affairs--Club Programming Committee (CPC) Funds
Request form here.


The following groups and RSOs are active at U of L and are a great way to get involved:


Dedicated to empowering LGBT students of color, BlkOut includes both support for those who want to connect with helpful others, and public advocacy for out members who want to work on all forms of racism and homophobia on campus.
BlkOut's website


commonGround is the oldest LGBT student organization at the university and has a long history of providing support, education, advocacy and entertainment for LGBT students and allies.  Everyone is welcome, although undergraduate students make up most of the membership.

commonGround's website

Check them out on facebook

Faculty and Staff for Human Rights

Faculty & Staff for Human Rights is a group for LGBT employees and allies dedicated to promoting policies and a campus climate that ensure equality for all.  The group’s focus is on issues that affect employees, but it also collaborates with student groups to support other equity efforts on campus.

Faculty and Staff for Human Rights website

Health Sciences for Human Rights

As the LGBT group for students in the schools of Medicine, Nursing, Dentistry, and Public Health and Information Sciences, Health Sciences for Human Rights aims to provide support, education and social opportunities for students.  The group also advocates for training and classroom experiences that equip health sciences professionals to work effectively with LGBT patients.

Health Sciences for Human Rights website


Inside Out

A confidential support group for students who are starting out on the path of coming out or questioning their sexual orientation or identity.

Inside Out website

Lambda Law Caucus

Made up of students at the Brandeis School of Law, the Lambda Law Caucus is a social and political group fostering support for LGBT issues in the legal community.

Lambda Law website


T2 is a student run organization that focuses on gender education, activism and visibility. Personal experiences are key to the group, as gender is a deeply personal concept and we cannot separate ourselves from our own gender experiences. Discussions range from gender's intricacies to planning and enacting activism on campus. This year T2 is bringing Sister Spit, a queer creative performance group, to campus. T2 also sends members to MBLGTACC, the Midwest Bisexual Lesbian Gay Transgender Ally College Conference, so that they may learn about activism specific to the queer college experience and create connections with other activists. Meetings are weekly.

Check them out on facebook.

Straight Against Hate

Designed to engage straight allies and others in the work of LGBT equality, Straight Against Hate is both a campus and community-based effort. 

Straight Against Hate website.


"Transformations" is a campus support group for transgender, transsexual, genderqueer, intersex, and two-spirit individuals. It's a safe and supportive place to talk and explore gender identity/expression with others on the spectrum.

Transformations website.

Queer Writers Group

The only LGBT group specifically focused on the creative process meets every other week to discuss writing as a form of self-discovery, to hone the craft of writing and get feedback on works in progress, and to learn about queer writers and their work. Because personal experience is pivotal to creative expression, the group strives to create a safe space for its members to talk and write openly. Each meeting is facilitated by a different member so the style and approach changes from session to session. Some topics include identity, coming out (as LGBT, as a writer, or other identities), and harnessing anger and other emotions. The group’s first ‘zine featuring members’ work is available in the Intersection Library.

Check them out on Facebook.


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