Outstanding Performance Awards (Past Recipients)

Year First Name Last Name Department Notes
2012 Katherine Bixby  Undergraduate Advising Practice (UGS)
2012 Jordan Brown  Public Safety
2012 Robert Forbes  Geography & Geosciences
2012 Leisa Hillman  Psychology
2012 George Jennings  Custodian, Athletic Facilities
2012 James McKinney  Floor Crew Supervisor, Physical Plant
2012 Christy Metzger  Office of First Year Initiatives (UGS)
2012 Cheryl Moeller  School of Interdisciplinary and Graduate Studies (SIGS)
2012 Eric Nunn  School of Public Health & Information Sciences (SPHIS)
2012 Rebecca O’Bryan  Payroll
2012 Bruce Redman  Grounds Foreman, Physical Plant
2012 Jason Ritter  Pathology
2012 Melissa Shuter  Asst. to the Vice President for Business Affairs
2012 Angela Yates  Project Manager, Delphi Center
2012 Carol Thomas Psychiatry Honorable Mention
2013 Elaine Allen Speed School – Dean’s Office
2013 Cathy Bays Delphi Center for Teaching and Learning
2013 Christian Gamm SIGS
2013 Lee Keeling History
2013 Laura McKinney School of Dentistry
2013 Linda Malone Physical Plant
2013 Diane Penrod A&S Research Office
2013 Karen Rose School of Nursing
2013 Mary Yvette Stith SIGS
2013 Rebecca Wenning Law School
2013 Ray Wohlschlegel Information Technology
2014 Simone Beach Law Clinic
2014 Sheila Bridgeman University Counsel
2014 Luke Buckman Honors Program
2014 Joe Dablow Undergraduate Administration
2014 Lisa Hatter Div. of Gastro, Hepatology & Nutrition
2014 Karen Howe Office of the Provost
2014 Courtney Kerr SIGS
2014 Cheri Langley Kent School
2014 Tim Moore Student Involvement
2014 Charles Nasby Theatre Arts
2014 Jenny Sawyer Admissions
2014 Pam Taylor Dental Clinic Operations Mgr
2014 Kathy Ward Research and Innovation
2014 Andra Cummings IT Design & Printing
2014 Robert Churchill II Physical Plant
2014 Charles Johnson Physical Plant
2014 Darnell Taylor Physical Plant
2014 Laura Cotter A&S Dean’s Office
2014 Annelise Gray English
2015 Kirsten Anne Schmall Armstrong  University Honors Program
2015 Carrie Bibelhauser Campus Health Services
2015 Maurice Bradley Physical Plant
2015 Marie Kendall Brown Delphi Center for Teaching and Learning
2015 Vicki Dixon Treasury Management
2015 Tim Lynch Intramural and Recreational Sports
2015 Jody Jolly Morkin Education Advising and Student Center
2015 Stuart Neff Student Involvement
2015 Cathy Price Environmental Health and Safety
2015 Regina Brown Physical Plant Honorable Mention
2016 Will Barnett Information Technology
2016 Denise Dadisman Nystrand Center for Excellence
2016 Debbie Dearing Delphi Center for Teaching and Learning
2016 Audra French School of Dentistry Student Affairs
2016 Kevin Kilkelly Physical Plant
2016 Alexandra O’Keefe University Honors
2016 Rick Taylor A&S Dean’s Office
2016 Diana Whitlock Office of the Provost
2017 Kristen Brown
2017 C. Daniel Bye
2017 Keneka Cheatham
2017 Jessica Kidd
2017 Sharolyn Pepper
2017 Donald Biddle
2017 Rick Cardwell
2018 Melissa Atkinson
2018 Misty Burkhead
2018 LyShanna Cunningham
2018 Amanda LeDuke
2018 Karen Newton
2018 Linda Wilson
2018 James Hundley
2018 William Brown
2018 Kenneth Carey
2018 Lisa Schonburg
2019 Brenda Curry-White Undergraduate Admissions
2019 Aimee Greene Delphi Center
2019 Angela Taylor Dean of Students Office
2019 Greg Vittitow Student Success Center
2019 Karen Blake Planning, Design & Construction
2019 Amanda Cunningham Psychological and Brain Studies
2019 Danny Carter Physical Plant
2019 Hung Nguyen Department of English/Tech Support

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