Dr. Ramsey's positition on the Governor's budget

In response to inquiries about Dr. Ramsey's reaction to Governor Beshear's budget proposal and Kentucky's continuing budget problems, Media Relations Director Mark Hebert sent the following e-mail to reporters:

It is accurate to say Dr. Ramsey hasn't endorsed the Governor's budget proposal. He hasn't endorsed anything other than to say that the state needs to find some new source of revenue to fund higher education.

Ramsey PERSONALLY supports the concept of slots at the tracks. He thinks it's a regressive "tax" but also believes it's foolish to keep losing millions of dollars in new revenue to Indiana. He also understands that being a neighbor of Churchill Downs and being from Louisville, which essentially already has a casino (Harrah's), puts him in a different position than his fellow university presidents.

On tax reform, he's for broadening the tax base and doing tax reform in a way that revenues will grow with the economy. He hasn't endorsed any specific plan because it's not his job to come up with a plan. As a former state budget director (and because he loves this stuff) he will likely weigh in at some point if, or when, there's ever a tax reform plan that has a realistic shot of passing the legislature. I hope that helps for future stories.

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