October 18, 2000

The Board of Directors of the University of Louisville Athletic Association, Inc. held its Annual Meeting on Wednesday, October 18, 2000, at 3:11 p.m. in the Jefferson Room of Grawemeyer Hall, with members present and absent as follows:

Present:                       Dr. John W. Shumaker, Chairman, Presiding
                                    Dr. Henry S. Enck, Vice Chairman
Mr. Larry L. Owsley, Treasurer   
Prof. Elaine O. Wise, Secretary      
Mr. Robert P. Benson, Jr.
Mr. Joseph S. Beyel
Dr. William Cheadle
Prof. Michael Edwards
Prof. Robin R. Harris
Mr. Wade Houston
Mr. Thomas M. Jurich, ex officio
Prof. Bruce Kemelgor                                
Ms. Blanche Kitchen
Prof. Glenda S. Neely
Judge Olga S. Peers
Mr. Sam Rechter             
Ms. Angela Richie                             
Mr. T. W. Samuels, Jr.
Mr. Brian Veeneman

Absent:                        Prof. David Boyce     
Mr. Ulysses L. Bridgeman, Jr.
Mr. Richard Emmett
Mr. Owsley B. Frazier
Dr. Carol Garrison
Prof. Mary Hums
Mr. D. Harry Jones
Prof. Joanne Rowe
                                    Prof. Randolph G. Schrodt

From the University:   Mr. Neil Brooks
                                    Mr. Kevin Miller
Mr. Mike Mangeot
Mr. Marvin Mitchell
Mr. Mike Pollio
Mr. K.C. Skull
Mr. Thomas H. Lyons
Ms. Karen Howe
Ms. Trisha Wolf
Mrs. Kathleen Smith, Assistant Secretary

Convene Meeting


Having determined a quorum present, Chairman Shumaker called the meeting to order at 3:11 p.m.

Report of the Finance & Budget Committee


Committee Chair Benson made the following report:

The Finance and Budget Committee met earlier today.  The Committee reviewed the Audited Financial Statements and the audit of Booster Groups required by the NCAA.  The auditors issued an unqualified opinion.  Approval of the financial statements is on the Consent Agenda; the NCAA Audit is provided at your seat.  In addition, the Committee approved a recommendation to purchase a new computer system.  That recommendation is also included on the Consent Agenda.  Also discussed were the interim financial statements as of September 30, 2000 and the projected costs for the football stadium.

Consent Agenda


Chairman Shumaker called the roll of agenda items to be considered adopted without objection or further consideration by asking the Directors to call out “objection” for any item to be removed from the list.  That item would be discussed separately.

  • Minutes of the previous meeting, June 20, 2000
  • Election of Officers for 2000-2001
  • Committees for 2000-2001
  • Report of the Academic Performance Committee
  • From the Finance & Budget Committee
    • Audited Financial Statements
    • Computer System


Hearing no objection raised by any member of the Board, Chair Shumaker ordered the items adopted. 

New Rowing Coach


Athletic Director Jurich asked Mr. Neil Brooks to introduce the new Rowing Coach, Mr. Richard J. Ruggieri.  Mr. Brooks praised the Rowing Coach for the skills and talents he brings to the position.  Both Mr. Jurich and Mr. Brooks expressed confidence that Mr. Ruggieri could lead the team to regional and national prominence.  Director Rechter made a motion, which Ms. Wise seconded, to approve the Athletic Director’s recommendation that the Board

Ratify the appointment of Richard J. Ruggieri, Head Coach, Women’s Rowing, August 1, 2000.

The motion passed unanimously.

Information Items


  • Annual Reports on Gender & Minority Equity

Mr. Jurich referred Board members to the materials in their packet.  Rather than review the details, he summarized the goals that were established several years ago.  He enthusiastically reported the Department had met all its goals, and it continues to make progress.  He is proud that the unit is moving in the right direction.

  • Cardinal Park Update


Mr. Jurich briefed the Board on the very successful dedication of Cardinal Park on August 30, 2000.  At the same time, UofL Athletics dedicated the Joe Kitchen Pavilion and recognized four fallen athletes.  He noted UofL’s current student-athletes have a tremendous sense of pride from playing in these remarkable new facilities.

Report of the Athletic Director


The Fightmaster Playground, the Lenny Lyles Statue, and the Olga S. Peers Center for Student-Athletes were dedicated this past fall.  Mr. Jurich noted these new facilities, along with Cardinal Park and Papa John’s Cardinal Stadium, have truly set the University apart from its competition for recruits, and have enhanced recruiting significantly. 


Mr. Jurich expressed substantial enthusiasm for the football team and its chances for finishing high in the conference standings.  It is a young team, with great intensity.  He noted the UK game was an unusual, but it was a good exercise in managing a crowd in an emergency situation.  Stadium management learned from what happened.  The Grambling game was a sell out, and the band enthralled the audience at half-time.  He thanked Derwin Webb, Mike Mangeot, and Denise Bentley for their help in arranging for the Grambling Band to play at the riverfront the night preceding the game.  It was an outstanding success. 

Other Sports

Mr. Jurich reviewed the status of Women’s Field Hockey, Men’s Soccer, and Women’s Soccer.  He noted that the University had submitted a bid to host the regional competition in Men’s Soccer.  The national review committee praised the Cardinal Park facilities.

Men’s Basketball

The Athletic Director expressed optimism about the recruiting successes in Men’s Basketball.  Coach Crum and his staff have worked energetically to build up the class.  He expressed appreciation to President Shumaker for meeting with all the recruits, and thanked Mike Mangeot for pulling off a really great event for morning madness.
Women’s Basketball

The excitement with the sport is contagious.  He thinks the fans will get very excited when they see the team.

Conference USA

Mr. Jurich reported that TCU would be joining the conference next year.

Cardinal Park

The Athletic Director noted that Phases 1A&B are complete, and the fundraising team of Owsley Frazier, Mike Pollio, and Janet Lively will turn their attention to raising money for the natatorium.

Emergency Procedures for the Stadium

Mr. Jurich asked K.C. Skull to review the plan developed as a result of the experiences during the UK game.  Mr. Skull noted that the facility turned out to be a very safe location.  Although they made a mistake in not closing down concessions immediately, the evacuation plan ultimately succeeded in getting the fans to their cars to wait out the storm.  There were no serious casualties.  Mr. Skull stated that the plan will be updated to reflect lessons learned from the UK game.

Executive Session


  • Motion to Recess

Director Enck made a motion, which was seconded by Ms. Neely that the Open Meeting recess to go into Executive Session.  The motion passed unanimously.

Open Meeting Reconvenes


  • Report on Executive Session

The Open Meeting reconvened at 4:25 p.m.  Chair Shumaker reported that the Board discussed matters of personnel and real estate in the Executive Session.   The Board supported the Athletic Director’s effort to retain Scott Linehan, Assistant Football Coach, and his inclusion in the Private Option Plan.   Additionally, the Board discussed the following compensation plan for the Athletic Director:

  • Increase from $10,000 to $12,000 the current annual incentive items
  • Add the following new incentives:
    • $20,000  for C-USA member with highest average GPA for the academic year for all student-athletes in conference sports
    • $12,000 for Institutional Student Athlete Average GPA at 3.0
    • $1,000 for Team GPA for academic year at or above 3.0
    • Institutional graduation rate per NCAA Division I Report:
      • 60%, $12,000
      • 70%, $24,000
      • 80%, $36,000
  • Cap the new incentives at $36,000


Director Richie made a motion, which was seconded by Dr. Enck, that the Board approve the revised bonus plan.  The motion passed unanimously.

Report of the Chairman


Chair Shumaker reported that the President of UNC, Charlotte was elected Chair of the Presidents of Conference USA, and Dr. Shumaker was elected as Chair of the Presidents’ Budget Committee.  He discussed the possible expansion to twelve teams.   Dr. Shumaker noted UofL’s relationship with C-USA has turned out to be very positive.

Lastly, the Chair recognized Mrs. Karen Howe for her dedication to the Board of Directors and for her outstanding service to the UofL Athletic Association, Inc.  He asked that the Board consider a resolution at its next meeting to thank Mrs. Howe respectfully for all that she has contributed to the success of the Board of Directors.



The meeting adjourned at 4:30 p.m.


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