Undergraduate Programs

Programs Offered

Five undergraduate degree programs are offered within the department.

Courses Offered

 Political Science Classes

Accelerated Program

The Department of Political Science offers its undergraduate majors an opportunity to earn both a B.A. (or B.S.) degree and an M.A. degree at an accelerated pace. Students enrolled in the accelerated program can earn the M.A. degree in approximately a calendar year.

Undergraduate Advisor

Remember in order to Graduate

  • You need 50 hours at the 300+ level (Senior College Hours)
  • You need to have 121 total hours to graduate
  • You need at least a 2.00 GPA inside your major and a 2.00 GPA outside your major
  • You can use four repeats to take bad grades out of calculation (not off your record)
  • Remember: If you transfer, none of your grades count toward your U of L GPA.
  • You can only use 40 hours in your major for a BA
  • You can appeal the following: Grades, Withdrawal Dates