Undergraduate Grants

Consistent with its overall mission and strategic goals, the Department of Political Science may support student participation in conferences, study abroad programs, language and technical training or other important academic events or programs.

Students seeking such support should apply to the Department Honors Committee.  The Honors Committee will consider such requests in the fall and spring of the academic year.  Individuals are eligible to be awarded only one request each academic year.

Students should email a copy of the application form and have the faculty email the recommendation form to:

  • Anapplication form which includes a brief explanation of the project for which they are seeking support and a detailed budget.
  • A recommendation form completed by a member of the political science faculty.


  • Political Science major
  • 3.0 overall gpa
  • completed a minimum of 15 credit hours in Political Science.


For more information, please contact Dr. Matarese during her office hours (210 Ford Hall) or via e-mail.


Students will be required to write a brief report summarizing the results of the academic experience for which they have received support.  The report may be publicized within the university community


"Thanks to the Political Science department, I got to visit Oxford and London, England for two weeks this past summer. I had never been overseas before, and it was an opportunity that I truly could not afford without their help. While in England, I got to experience the British political and intellectual heritage that I had been studying for the whole year prior. Visiting Parliament, C.S. Lewis and J.R.R. Tolkien’s homes, and many a church and museum all made for a life changing trip. I had never seen things that old before. Because of the trip, I am considering applying to graduate school at Oxford University. My trip was absolutely magical, and I cannot thank the Political Science department enough for making it possible."
- Nicole Fielder (Summer 2018, Oxford Society, a program dedicated the study of British literature and governance)