Summer 2020 (Fall 2020 coming soon)

TERM 1 (MAY 11 – JUNE 1)


POLS 315-50  Race, Law, & Politics (ONLINE DISTANCE ED)                            Dr. Dewey Clayton

The Constitution matters! This timely class will explore the structural causes and legal consequences of racial inequality and efforts to overcome it in the United States. Our focal point will be the development and continuing challenges of the Civil Rights Movement, as well as how other groups advocate for constitutional equality. Assignments will include discussion, papers, legal briefs, and exams.  This course meets the Cardinal Core requirements for an SBD1 course. Cross-listed with Social Change — SCHG 302-50.




POLS 201-50  Intro to American Govt & Politics (ONLINE DISTANCE ED)          Dr. Melissa Merry

2020 has thus far included a presidential impeachment trial and a viral pandemic with unknown economic reverberations. What does all this mean for old constitutional arguments, new information technology, and the upcoming elections? The first step is constitutional literacy on the building blocks of the national government and state-federal relations. Then we turn to the development of individual/group rights, elections, and public policy.  We will analyze current events from a variety of angles and touch on the complex political dynamics surrounding economic, foreign, and social policy. Whether or not you are a news junkie, you will walk away with new perspectives and resources for a lifetime of civic engagement. This course meets the Cardinal Core requirements in Social & Behavioral Sciences (SB).


POLS 202-20  Intro to Comparative Politics (ONLINE DISTANCE ED)                Dr. Julie Bunck

Understand the world in 5 weeks! This course will compare and assess political histories, institutions, actors, processes, and cultures of modern Western countries (UK and France), an industrialized non-Western state (Japan), a middle-level developing country (Mexico), a developing authoritarian state (Cuba), and the world’s largest country (China).  We will focus on social and political change in each society and their causes and consequences.  All comparisons will include a deeper understanding of our own political institutions, actors, and culture. This course meets the Cardinal Core requirements for an SBD2 course.  


POLS 330-50 International Relations (ONLINE DISTANCE ED)                          Dr. Kristopher Grady  

Spin the globe! This course introduces students to the major theories/concepts, processes, and issue areas of international relations and explores key concepts such as: why do nations engage in war, how can they be made to cooperate on a variety of issues, and whether leaders, interest groups, and regular citizens can exert any meaningful influence on world politics. The course will reference current and historical events to illustrate theories and topics.  This course meets a requirement for all Political Science majors.


POLS 324-50  Women in American Politics (ONLINE DISTANCE ED)                   Dr. Anne Caldwell

Power matters! This online course dives into political engagement by women and examines how broad social conditions influence political activities and public policy.  We will explore intersectionality, diversity, political identity, and the challenges of leadership. Special focus will include voting, legislative advocacy, and a variety of current policy making dilemmas. It’s a great time to take this class no matter your political persuasion. Cross-listed with Women & Gender Studies —WGST 355-50.