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This policy applies to University Employees (administrators, faculty, and staff).


Under State law, printing may only be performed under contracts awarded following a competitive bid process (KRS57.011) with final approval from the Governor (KRS57.091) or may be produced directly by a state agency capable of providing in-house services (KRS57.021).

The Department of Purchasing has established multiple contracts with local and regional printing facilities to provide pre-authorized eligibility by these contract printers to perform individual print jobs as required by the University. Furthermore, the Department of Purchasing has delegated to Printing Services the responsibility of: specifications, bidding, analysis and contractor relations processes.

Under no circumstances may printing be procured without competitive bidding, contracting and the Governor's signature.


This policy provides access by University Departments to timely, cost-effective printing services while insuring full compliance with all applicable state laws. 

Kentucky Revised Statutes (KRS) – Printing

57.011 State printing done under contract -- Classes of printing.  

The printing and binding of the laws, journals, and agency reports, and all other such public printing and binding shall be performed under contract. Printing contracts shall be divided into two (2) classes and defined as follows: (1) First-class printing is the printing of all bills for the General Assembly together with such matters as are ordered by either or both houses to be printed in bill form and the printing and binding of the journals of the two (2) houses, printing and binding of the volumes of public documents and of the general and local laws and joint resolutions; the printing and binding of all reports, documents and other matters bound in book or pamphlet form and all miscellaneous printing and binding necessary for the several documents not otherwise provided for in KRS 57.011 to 57.151. (2) Second-class printing is lithographic or offset printing and engraving and embossing.

57.021 Printing by state agency -- Restrictions.

In the event that the Commonwealth or any of its agencies has a printing or duplicating plant or letter press, it may print any class of printing described in KRS57.011 for the use of it or any other state agencies with the approval of the Finance and Administration Cabinet. Such state owned facilities shall not print, under contract or otherwise, for agencies, persons, entities, or other groups or associations outside of state government.

57.091 Contracts approved by Governor.

All work under the provisions of KRS 57.011 shall be performed under contract, to be awarded to the lowest responsible bidder, provided, however, that approval by the Governor shall be required for each award of contract. One (1) or more contracts may be awarded for each class of printing. The number of contracts required shall be as determined by the Finance and Administration Cabinet to be in the best interest of the Commonwealth. The determination of content for each award and the period thereof shall be made by the secretary of the Finance and Administration Cabinet. No contract shall be awarded to a member of the General Assembly or to any officer of the Commonwealth who is in any way interested in any such contract.


For the purpose of this policy; "PRINTING" includes, but is not limited to the following definitions: Graphic design and typesetting; University stationery, letterhead, business cards, printed envelopes; Books, catalogs, magazines and annual reports; Brochures and flyers; Newsletters, forms, prescription pads, posters; Custom tabs/index cards, note pads, greeting cards and calendars; All other printed materials using offset lithography, laser, inkjet or other digital production methods.


Pursuant with University policy, all printing requests, regardless of sourcing funds, must go through IT Print. IT Print decides if a job will be produced in-house or sent to a previously approved vendor based on job requirements. 


Executive Vice President and University Provost


IT Design and Printing 

Miller Information Technology Center

University of Louisville

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