Deadly Weapons Policy

The following serves as disclosure of the official policy regarding deadly weapons on the University of Louisville campus.


In Kentucky Revised Statute §237.115, the Kentucky General Assembly explicitly recognizes the authority of the University of Louisville to control the possession of deadly weapons on any property owned, leased or controlled by the University, including the right to prohibit possession of such weapons by any person or entity using University property or premises. This establishes the University’s deadly weapons policy.

II. Definition of Deadly Weapon

For purposes of this policy, “deadly weapon” means:

A. A weapon of mass destruction as defined in KRS 500.080(18);

B. Any weapon from which a shot, readily capable of producing death or other serious physical injury, may be discharged;

C. Any knife other than an ordinary pocket knife or hunting knife;

D. Billy, nightstick, or club;

E. Blackjack or slapjack;

F. Nunchaku karate sticks;

G. Shuriken or death star; and,

H. Artificial knuckles made from metal, plastic, or other similar hard material.

III. Policy

Except as provided in Subsection IV below, deadly weapons are prohibited on any property owned, leased, operated or controlled by the University, including but not limited to the following: classrooms, laboratories, residence halls, clinics, office buildings, performance halls, museums, athletics and recreation facilities, parking lots and structures, University owned vehicles, and all outdoor areas of any campus of the University.

IV. Exceptions

The following are exceptions to this policy:

A. Possession of deadly weapons by peace officers acting in the course of official duties;

B. Possession of deadly weapons as a part of university ROTC activities;

C. Possession of a deadly weapon by a person licensed to carry a concealed deadly weapon pursuant to KRS 237.110, if the firearm or other deadly weapon is contained in a private motor vehicle and is not removed from the vehicle (KRS 527.020(4) and 237.110(17));

D. Possession of a deadly weapon if it is located in a non-University motor vehicle and in an enclosed container, compartment, or storage space installed as original equipment in the motor vehicle by its manufacturer, including but not limited to a glove compartment, center console, or seat pocket, regardless of whether said enclosed container, storage space, or compartment is locked, unlocked, or does not have a locking mechanism ( KRS 527.020(8));

E. Possession of a deadly weapon by persons who are specifically authorized* by KRS 527.020 to carry concealed deadly weapons on or about their persons at all times and at all locations within the Commonwealth. Such persons include but are not limited to: Commonwealth’s attorneys, judges of the Court of Justice, conservations officers of the Department of Fish and Wildlife, elected sheriffs, and peace officers from other jurisdictions.

* For a complete listing of persons authorized to carry concealed deadly weapons within the Commonwealth of Kentucky and the conditions for which the carrying of the deadly weapon is authorized, see KRS 527.020.