Science Visualization

Over the period of January 2013 to June 2013, Newcomer ELL students experienced a series of Earth Science, Earth and Space, and Astronomy visualizations (a total of 9 visualizations for Middle school and a total of 4 visualizations for High school students).

Visualizations were supplemented throughout with embedded structured text (reinforcing science vocabulary), static imagery (parallel to what is seen in class), and video supplements in an immersive educational environment.  This unique instructional strategy was implemented to improve the acquisition of key scientific concepts and the essential language required by all students.


Eric Bookstrom shares about implementing planetarium supported science instruction: planning, collaborating and connections to classroom teaching.


Kids talk about how the planetarium experience was different for them from regular classroom learning.

Example of
MS viz script
Earth's tilt




Check out the High School Visualization Scripts on Big Bang and Synthesis of Elements and other key concepts as well as the Middle School Visualization Scripts on Earth Science (e.g. rock cycle and geologic time) and Earth in Space (e.g. phases, seasons).