Humphrey Colloquium

Steven Humphrey Student Philosophy Colloquium

The Steven Humphrey Student Philosophy Colloquium is an annual conference of undergraduate philosophy bringing together students from around the region. Student papers are well-attended and generate lively discussion; the colloquium ends with a prominent keynote speaker followed by a dinner reception. The Colloquium is possible thanks to the generosity of Dr. Steven Humphrey.

The 16th annual Steven Humphrey Student Philosophy Colloquium will take place on November 4, 2016. Kristie Dotson (Michigan State) will be our keynote speaker.


Conference Program

Friday, November 4th, Bingham Humanities, Room 300


9:00 am—9:10 am   Welcoming Remarks


9:10 am--9:45 am

 “Kant’s Missing ‘Second Thoughts’: Race, Gender, and Teleology”

Melinda Reyes (Boston University)


9:55 am—10:30 am          

“Cultural Contamination; for cultural growth or cultural stagnation?”

Jessica Thadickal (York University)


10:40 am—11:15 am       

“Spiritual Activism as a Decolonization Method”

Berenice Delgado (CSU, Fullerton)


11:25 am—12:00 pm       

“Aquinas, Unjust Laws, and the Epistemic Problem”

Janice Perri (York University)


12:00 pm—12:45 pm    Lunch


12:45 pm – 1:20 pm

“JBS Swift and Butchertown: A Case Study on NIMBY and Gentrification”

Jared McNeil (University of Louisville)


1:30 pm—2:05 pm

“Persisting Through (Relative) Time”

Alan Lam (Coastal Carolina University)


2:15 pm—2:50 pm

“XXX-Men: Days of Future Pastiche-Superhero Fan Culture and Postmodernism”

Samuel Sanchinel (York University)


3:00 pm—3:35 pm

“Ugliness Before Beauty: A Kantian Proposal for Aesthetic Displeasure as an Ethical Practice”

Brooklynn Leonhardt (DePaul University)


3:45-5:15 pm -- Keynote Address

Professor Kristie Dotson

Michigan State University

“Reintroducing Identity Politics: Towards a Decolonial, Black Feminist Praxis”


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