Blogs and Accessible Articles

Dr. Vilde Aavitsland

Hannah Arendt
(in Norwegian), Store Norske Leksikon

Women Will Die
(in Norwegian), Dagsavisen

The Shots in Ferguson
(in Norwegian), Dagbladet

Andreas Elpidorou

Dr. Andreas Elpidorou

What Happens if an AI gets Bored?
Scientific American.

Boredom and injustice
The APA Blog

A Brief Guide to Boredom
Psychology Today

Parenting and Boredom
Psychology Today

A Pandemic of Boredom
Oxford University Press

Boredom’s Push
Oxford University Press

Dr. Lauren Freeman

When Health Care Professionals Unintentionally Do Harm, blog post by Lauren Freeman and coauthor Heather Stewart '14 on the Oxford University Press blog.

Science Communication: The Dangers of Oversimplifying Microbiome Studies, interview with Lauren Freeman and Coauthor Saray Ayala. NPJ Biofilms and Microbiomes

Women in Philosophy: Interview with Lauren Freeman, Editor of the APA Newsletter on Feminism and Philosophy
American Philosophical Association Blog

Shifting Perspectives: A Victim-Centered Account of Microaggressions in Medicine, and Beyond
International Journal of Feminist Approaches to Bioethics Blog

Microaggressions in Medicine and the Harms to Patients
UofL HSC Office of Diversity and Inclusion Newsletter

Dr. John Gibson

How Should Literature Mean? A Conversation About Art And Ambiguity 
Aesthetics For Birds


Dr. Avery Kolers

The Price of Freedom
Oxford University Press

The Moral Duty of Solidarity
Civil American

Solidarity and Similarity: What Kind of ‘We’ are We, and Why does it Matter?
BMJ Journal of Medical EthicsBlog

Do COVID-19 vaccine passports 'crush freedom' or safeguard it?
The Courier-Journal

Andrea Reed

Ms. Andrea Lococo Reed

It's time for us to defund zoos and create a compassionate "new normal" for wild animals 
The Courier-Journal 

Dr. Boomer Trujillo

The Friends of Sisyphus: or, the Meanings Relationships Give Us
3Quarks Daily