Philosophy and Radio


Dr. Kolers and Dr. Barnes host their own philosophy radio shows and podcasts on Louisville's Forward Radio


Critical Thinking for Everyone! — Dr. Brian Barnes and Dr. Patty Payette

We explore critical thinking from many different angles during this hour-long conversation about a variety of topics. All of it comes back to our ability to think about our own thinking. Our program airs on FORward Radio, 106.5 fm, WFMP-LP out of Louisville, Kentucky, USA, every Thursday at 5pm and repeats Fridays at 11am, EST.

We are committed to providing some easy-to-understand skills for anyone to improve their thinking through self-reflection, analysis, assessment, and increased awareness of biases and other barriers to good thinking. Our goal is to meet thinkers where they typically are—on the street, rather than in the academy. We are still nerds and academics, though, and we will bring in high-quality research, argument, and best practices for teachers and learners in all environments.