Alumni Perpectives

Salah Mekhalalati, B.A., 2018  

"Studying philosophy at the University of Louisville provided me with an adept competency to critically engage with all kinds of significant discussions. With the amazing talent of the faculty, I gained the invaluable ability to articulate, evaluate, and interpret many of the paramount questions that we have. Philosophy has helped me more than I could ever have hoped for my professional and personal life, as I have come to easily express my thoughts with astute clarity. I will always remember UofL as the place where I came to grow as a student and grasp the fundamentals skills to develop as a crucial component to our world as I progress through my academic career in graduate school for philosophy!"

In Fall 2019, Salah will be joining the Department of Philosophy at the University of Victoria where he will pursue graduate work (MA) with full funding * 

William Pope, B.A., 2017

"My engagement with philosophy at the University of Louisville has been transformative. In furthering the development of my analytic skills, philosophy has given me a new way of seeing the world, and has helped me navigate a path to bring about positive social change."

Heather Stewart, PhD student, University of Western Ontario (Canada)

"I have no words to describe the value of my time studying philosophy in the department at UofL. Given the small size of the department, I was able to work closely with several faculty members, and the experiences that I had, and the mentorship that I received, were truly unmatched. Because of the support of the faculty at UofL pushing me outside of my comfort zone, I was able to grow as as philosopher...I know that I would never have found the confidence in myself, or develop my philosophical voice enough without the support of the department at UofL. I could never fully capture how amazing and supportive the department is-- the faculty truly helped push me to where I am today."


Nathank Groneck, B.A., 2017

"My experience with the philosophy department and major at UofL has changed my life. There is no part of my identity, involvements, and passions that hasn't been touched by what I've learned over the last three years. There might not be a job opening for "philosopher," but I know that I have been given the tools to succeed somewhere, and more importantly, the tools to find exactly where I should go."


Nathan Viner, B.A., 2017


"My education in philosophy has helped me fully develop as a student and as a thinker. With my studies in philosophy I've gained a clarity of thought, developed newfound perspectives, and sharpened my skills in writing and expressing my ideas. My ideas of ethics, art, and life have all changed for the better in my education. The Philosophy department at UofL also offered a warm, welcoming, and challenging environment that fostered me as an individual and as a thinker. Through my education in philosophy I've sharpened my views of my own passions and the world at large."


Alexandra Funk


"My decision to pursue a philosophy degree was the first step toward becoming a critical member of society. The skills that I developed – such as the ability to critically and creatively reason and persuasively write and present arguments – served as the foundation to and preparation for my graduate coursework in human rights at the London School of Economics and Political Science and my professional experiences at Human Rights First, the British Parliament, and the National Association of Criminal Defense Lawyers. The diverse courses I took and impressive faculty who instructed them taught me to question how the world works, determine how I think it should work, and identify tangible steps toward creating change. It is with immense gratitude to the Department of Philosophy that I urge any student, regardless of their career goals, to check out the available courses and enroll as a Major or Minor. If interested, my research and work can be found here and here."