2016 Humphrey Colloquium

Conference Program

Friday, November 4th, Bingham Humanities, Room 300


9:10 am—9:45 am
“Kant’s Missing ‘Second Thoughts’: Race, Gender, and Teleology”
Melinda Reyes (Boston University)

9:55 am—10:30 am
“Cultural Contamination; for cultural growth or cultural stagnation?”
Jessica Thadickal (York University)

10:40 am—11:15 am
“Spiritual Activism as a Decolonization Method”
Berenice Delgado (CSU, Fullerton)

11:25 am—12:00 pm
“Aquinas, Unjust Laws, and the Epistemic Problem”
Janice Perri (York University)

12:00 pm—12:45 pm

12:45 pm – 1:20 pm
“JBS Swift and Butchertown: A Case Study on NIMBY and Gentrification”
Jared McNeil (University of Louisville)

1:30 pm—2:05 pm
“Persisting Through (Relative) Time”
Alan Lam (Coastal Carolina University)

2:15 pm—2:50 pm
“XXX-Men: Days of Future Pastiche-Superhero Fan Culture and Postmodernism”
Samuel Sanchinel (York University)


3:00 pm—3:35 pm
“Ugliness Before Beauty: A Kantian Proposal for Aesthetic Displeasure as an Ethical Practice”
Brooklynn Leonhardt (DePaul University)

3:45-5:15 pm
Keynote Address
Professor Kristie Dotson (Michigan State University)
“Reintroducing Identity Politics: Towards a Decolonial, Black Feminist Praxis”