2017 Humphrey Colloquium

Pictures from the conference


Conference Program

Friday, November 3,2017

Shumaker Research Bldg, Room 139


9:00 am — 9:10 am   Welcoming Remarks 


9:10 am — 9:45 am

“Malaria Elimination: An Actualization Reconciliation Principle Approach”

Marietta Ojo (Wittenberg University)


9:55 am — 10:30 am         

“Jean Améry: A Holocaust Survivor on Transitional Justice”

Daisy Moriyama (Ryerson University)


10:40 am — 11:15 am      

“Is the Interaction Problem Really a Problem? Descartes’ Dualism and Kim’s Pairing Problem”

Melanie Zens (University of Wisconsin, Eau Clair)


11:25 am — 12:00 pm      

 “The Dark Side of Emotional Regulation: How Suppression of Emotions Alienates Us from Others and More Importantly, Ourselves”

Georgiana Sook (University of Louisville)


12:00 pm—12:45 pm    Lunch


12:45 pm — 1:20 pm

“When Language Breaks: A Heideggerian Analysis of Grice’s ‘Cooperative Principle’”

Peter Heft (Denison University)


1:30 pm — 2:05 pm

“Mugwump Passion: The Cixousian Femininity of Naked


Nathan Viner (University of Louisville)


2:15 pm — 2:50 pm

“The Problem of Happiness and the Virtue Mean: An Issue in Aristotle’s Nichomachean EthicsFeaturing Kant, Nussbaum, and Korsgaard”

Adelia Robertson (Miami University)


3:00 pm — 3:35 pm

“An Ethic of Humility: The Argument For Marginal Cases”

Michael Fiorica (University of Buffalo)


3:45 pm — 5:15 pm 

Keynote Address

Professor Alyssa Ney

University of California, Davis

“Physics and Fundamentality”