Take Back the Night

Tuesday, April 4th, 2017 at the Red Barn

The purpose of the Annual Take Back the Night is to bring together organizations, civic leaders, and individuals of Louisville and Jefferson County to protest violence against women and to promote awareness of the attitudes, beliefs, and behaviors, which perpetuate this specific type of violence.

In Louisville, the Jefferson County Chapter of the National Organization for Women was the original driving force for this event. In 1998, local businesses, agencies, and civic organizations formed a coalition with NOW to expand TBTN to a city wide, program that would be held during September's Sexual Assault Month or October's Domestic Violence Awareness Month.

Over 200 groups will recognize the progress the Jefferson County has made in this area, showcase organizations that offer assistance, and educate the public and private sectors on the characteristics of these crimes.

Take Back the Night rallies have been held throughout the United States since 1978. The first Take Back the Night originated in Germany in 1973 in response to a series of sexual assaults, rapes, and murders. Today, marches are held in numerous cities in the United States, Canada, Latin America, India, and Europe.

While different organizations and agencies may sponsor this event, the message is always the same: "We march to demand that the perpetrators of this violence--the batterers, the rapists, the murderers--be held responsible for their actions and be made to change."