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Removal or Impoundment of Vehicle

Parking and Transportation Services is authorized to remove, impound, or immobilize motor vehicles from University property at the owner's expense under the following circumstances:

  1. when a vehicle is unattended, or left under circumstances which indicate it has been abandoned (has not been moved for an extended period of time and/or appears to be inoperable);
  2. when a vehicle is parked illegally in a handicapped space;
  3. when a vehicle is parked blocking a handicapped space or handicapped access;
  4. when a vehicle is parked illegally in a red reserved space;
  5. when the displayed parking permit has been reported lost, stolen, forged or appears to be forged or altered;
  6. when a vehicle is parked in a fire lane or driving lane, blocking a doorway, dumpster, fire hydrant or emergency exit, or in a tow away zone;
  7. when any vehicle is determined to have three or more unpaid parking citations charged against it.
  8. Impounded vehicles will be held until all outstanding citations and charges have been satisfied.

Tow Warning: As a courtesy, vehicles parked legally or illegally found to have three or more outstanding citations may have a tow warning affixed to the driver's side window. The owner/operator then has 24 hours to clear all citations and fees outstanding before the vehicle will be towed and impounded. Vehicles with 7 or more outstanding citations will not be provided a courtesy tow warning sticker and are eligible for tow immediately when found on University property.

Tow Fee: The fee for a vehicle tow requiring the use of dollies (front wheel drive vehicles) is $90.00. The fee without the use of dollies is $65.00. If an immobilizer or wheel lock is used in lieu of towing a vehicle the fee is $35.00. A show-up fee of $35.00 is charged in situations where the tow truck is called, but the vehicle is not impounded. Tow and impoundment fees are subject to change based on the terms of the contract for providing the service.

Storage Fee: Any vehicle towed and impounded will be charged a storage fee of $1.00 per day, if not claimed within seventy-two hours.

Impoundment: A vehicle is deemed to be impounded when it has been located by an officer of Parking and Transportation Services and the towing process has been initiated, even if the tow truck has not yet arrived or a wheel lock has been placed on the vehicle. Unauthorized removal of an impounded vehicle may result in criminal prosecution and revocation of parking privileges on University property.

Disposal of Vehicles: Impounded vehicles not claimed by their owners within 30 days will be considered abandoned and will be disposed of as per provisions of state law.