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Parking Penalties & Fines

  1. The person who purchases a parking permit will be held responsible for non-moving parking violations by any vehicle bearing that permit.
  2. One citation for "Not displaying a valid permit" if parked in a non-reserve or non-handicap space in a permitted lot for new faculty, staff and students may be excused.
  3. Schedule of Fines (non-severe offenses escalate to full amount 7 days from citation date):
  • Meter violations: $15
  • Parked in driving lane: $20
  • Prohibited by sign: $20
  • Area permit does not apply: $15
  • No valid permit displayed: $30
  • Not within marked space: $20
  • Parked on grass, dirt, sidewalk: $30
  • Red reserve space: $60
  • Prohibited by yellow marking: $20
  • Meter violation: $15
  • Visitor/patient parking only: $30
  • Possession lost/stolen permit: $180
  • Owns permit but failed to display: $20
  • Wrong resident permit designation: $15
  • Loading zone: $20

Severe offense (does not escalate)

    • Forged/altered permit: $250
    • Possession of a lost/stolen permit: $180
    • Handicap space: $200
    • Blocking Handicap access: $100
      • Fines are payable via our citation payment web form, in person at the Parking Offices, or by mail at 2126 S Floyd St, Louisville, KY 40208.
      • Students and employees with unpaid parking citations may not purchase a parking permit. Students will have a financial hold placed on their student account and maybe subject to a loss of university services until the fines are paid and financial hold is released by the Parking Office. Financial holds will not be released until an account balance has been paid in full.
      • As provided for in KRS 164.975, a person using a fraudulent parking permit, in possession of a lost/stolen parking permit, or found to be a "habitual violator" may be denied permission to park or operate a motor vehicle on property owned or controlled by the University of Louisville. Incidents involving University of Louisville registered students will be referred to the Dean of Students for administrative review.