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Carpool@ U of L

The University of Louisville CARpooling program strongly supports efforts to reduce traffic congestion and curb vehicle pollution in the Louisville area as part of UofL’s Climate Action Plan.   CARpooling members are provided incentives to share the commute with fellow co-workers or students. Members share rides to reduce the costs and burden for everyone.


Why CARpool?

  • Half price gas!  The more people, the lower the price goes!
  • Shared expenses - Participants save on general wear and tear on their vehicles.
  • Relaxation - Provides time to relax when driving is shared.
  • Reduced Pollutants - The reduction of vehicles on the highways and roads means fewer pollutants are released into the atmosphere.
  • Reduced Congestion - CARpooling reduces traffic congestion and reduces cars on campus.
  • Build Community – Meet your neighbors and others on campus. Build new friendships.
  • Reduced permit fees – Only 1 permit will be required for the CARpool.
  • CARpool designated parking spaces
  • Occasional use permits allow employee CARpoolers to receive 10 daily parking passes per 6 months and student CARpoolers to receive 6 daily parking passes per semester
  • Guaranteed Ride Home program through Ticket to Ride



Start or join a CARpool – it’s easy

Are you interested in a CARd-pool?  Click the link to register your interest –

Do you already have a carpool and would you like to register it with us?  Contact us at




Guidelines and Eligibility

  • CARpool is 2 or more people (additional riders are welcome and strongly encouraged)
  • All members of the CARpool must be employed or enrolled at the University of Louisville (student, faculty, staff, etc.)
  • A parking permit must be purchased.   The cost can be split via payroll deduction by the members of the CARpool.  The permit fee is based on the permit color.  A decal will be affixed to the permit to identify a CARpool.
  • CARpoolers must park in a color-coded lot that is associated with the cost of the parking permit; in instances where the permit cost is for a reserved lot, the carpool vehicle must use the assigned parking space.
  • Only one University parking permit is issued per CARpool, and only one of the registered vehicles may be parked in a CARpool space at any time.
  • Motorcycles, motor scooters, and mopeds are excluded from the CARpool program.
  • CARpool parking spaces will be added as needed, to accommodate new carpool groups.   CARpool spaces will be located in high-demand areas around campus.
  • All members of the CARpool must sign the application and agreement.
  • Each CARpool vehicle will need to be registered with University Parking.
  • All members of the CARpool will need to appear in person at University Parking to register the CARpool.
  • If a CARpool disbands, the CARpool permit must be returned to University Parking.
  • It is important to note that a daily parking permit may not be used in a CARpool designated parking space.
  • CARpool members decide how to share the driving, cost of permit, schedule, etc.
  • Occasional Use permits expire in September and March, with no carryover of unused parking.    An Occasional Use permit cannot be sold or given away and are not valid in spaces posted “CARpool Permit”


CARpooling FAQ’s


How do I sign up for a CARpool?

You can sign up for the program by completing the CARpool Inquiry form and submitting to


Do I get assigned to a CARpool?

Once the CARpool inquiry form is completed and submitted, you will be notified of other interested CARpoolers in close proximity to your home.  It is then the responsibility of the applicants to communicate and establish a CARpool.  Your information will only be shared with other interested CARpoolers within your area.


Who decides the driving duties, cost, etc.?

The CARpoolers must decide between themselves the driving, cost sharing, meeting place, drop off point, smoking, music preference, etc.  It is strongly suggested that perspective CARpoolers meet in advance and discuss all these options.


How is it decided which CARpool member purchases the parking permit for the CARpool?

All members of the CARpool would come to University Parking together to purchase the permit.  The cost of the permit would then be split between the members.  All vehicles of the carpool members will be placed on the permit.  One member will be designated the primary contact.


Is CARpooling only for faculty and staff?

No, students are encouraged to CARpool also.  The student’s status determines the cost and color code of the parking permit.


What is the cost of the CARpool permit?

There is no extra cost for those who choose to CARpool.   The permit cost is based on the color of the permit purchased collectively by members of the CARpool.


How will parking know that it is CARpool?

University Parking will issue decals to be affixed to permits to all registered CARpools.