Air Quality Testing Facilities

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The Ernst Hall at the University of Louisville houses the newly established Air Quality Monitoring Lab.

The lab is run by John Metaxas, a 20+ year veteran in chemical testing.

Small, stainless steel cylinders will be placed in chosen sites to collect air samples. These samples will then be taken back to the lab for analysis.

The cylinders should contain a representative sample of the air in the area tested. Several samples will be obtained to ensure accurate results.

The samples are analyzed by a gas chromatograph for 82 different chemicals that are released by industry, mobile source and other human activity.

The chemicals being assessed are those identified as potentially being in the community and of concern to environmental quality and public health.

Note: We will be splitting samples to assure the accuracy of our results with the US EPA lab in Athens, GA, and the state DEP lab in Frankfort, KY.


Air Monitoring Laboratory
Sample Cylinders
Gas Chromatograph
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