Kentucky Science Center

The Louisville Society for Neuroscience (SfN) chapter has expanded its outreach efforts to include a partnership with the Kentucky Science Center.

Brain Days

Traditionally scheduled during the University Spring Break week, Louisville SfN has hosted "Brain Days" at the Kentucky Science Center in March. Brain Days 2022 was held on March 25th-26th. We are of planning another exciting Brain Days for 2023. If interested in volunteering, please email with the subject line: Brain Days Volunteer. We're planning many new activities and we'd love to have your participation. 


Held in the Kentucky Science Center BioLab over two weekends during the Spring, our group provided visitors with many interactive opportunities to experience neuroscience. In our comparative neuroanatomy module, brains from mice, rats, sheep and humans were shown, and members of our group highlighted the similarities and differences in structure and function. Other histology-based modules highlighted different levels of the spinal cord and different structures of the brain, as well as tissues of the body that are innervated by the peripheral nervous system. Microscopy slides, combined with anatomical models, PowerPoint visual aids, visual diagrams, and the knowledge and exuberance of our volunteers enhanced the experience for everyone who visited these modules. For the younger visitors, we provided crayons, and brain and neuron coloring sheets. A total of 4400 kids and adults visited the Kentucky Science Center over the six day event. Twenty-four members of the Louisville Chapter of SfN volunteered a total of 156.5 hours.

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Nano Days