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Online Master of Science in Health Administration

UofL’s online Master of Science in Health Administration (MSHA) is designed for aspiring healthcare executives with 5+ years of leadership role experience, who are looking to broaden their core healthcare management competencies and/or pursue career advancement applying the principles of population health management.

Offered by the School of Public Health and Information Sciences at the University of Louisville, the MSHA online builds on your experience and deepens your understanding of processes, environments, structures and strategies that are disrupting the industry—preparing you to confidently lead organizations into the future of healthcare. Based closely on our reputable CAHME-accredited on-campus program and taught by leaders in healthcare innovation, the online MSHA courses will guide you through:

  • Exploring broad principles and important influencers within top healthcare organizations
  • Examining data-driven methods of strategic leadership and effective management of healthcare organizations
  • Analyzing external policy and healthcare environments that effect management
  • Becoming a more knowledgeable and well-rounded healthcare administrator

Notably, the program places a strong focus on assessments that emphasize solving authentic, real-life problems you face within your current role.

MSHA Online Info Session: Tuesday, March 9

6:00 p.m. to 7:00 p.m.
Join the Department of Health Management & Systems Sciences faculty and staff for a virtual information session on the online MSHA and other programs.
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How Much Will I Pay?

Tuition & Aid    

Tuition rate does not include costs associated with a specific course or program, such as textbooks.


  • Gain applicable and transferable healthcare knowledge and methodologies through every course.
  • Experience a specialized curriculum using UofL’s Population Health Leadership (PHL) Competency Model—a modified version of the National Center for Healthcare Leadership (NCHL) Competency Model.
  • Take advantage of the flexibility and convenience of 100% online classes.
  • Complete your degree in just 2 years with 8-week terms (courses completed 2-3 at a time). Part-time enrollment is also available.



UofL’s School of Public Health and Information Sciences is accredited by the Council on Education for Public Health. The residential MSHA program is accredited by the Commission on Accreditation of Healthcare Management Education (CAHME). CAHME is the accrediting body for graduate programs in health management in the United States. Closely aligned with the residential program, the online MSHA program is in the process of being evaluated for CAHME recognition.


Complete your degree on your own time through fully online coursework.

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Complete 21 courses to earn your Health Administration degree.

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Take courses 2 at a time, in 8-week increments—earn your degree in 2 years.

Online learning video - Online Master of Science in Health Administration

Healthcare is evolving. You should be too.

From technology and analytics to standards of patient care, healthcare is continuously evolving and growing as an industry. As a healthcare administrator, you’re responsible for leading the charge in embracing these changes. Our online program—specialized for working professionals with 5+ years leadership experience in the field—is designed to help you take on that challenge.


Advance Your Leadership Career

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A Health Administration master’s degree is a must-have for those pursuing higher level health care leadership roles. The online MSHA program at UofL can give you the expertise you need to advance into a healthcare executive position (e.g. senior director, VP, CEO, etc.).

The online Master of Science in Health Administration degree will prepare you for organizational leadership and management roles, whether your experience is in a healthcare-related or non-healthcare related field. Positions range from healthcare administrator, military officer, civil service or health insurance to dental, veterinary or Allied Health care provider. As a leader in any healthcare industry, you’ll be responsible for overseeing and managing services, programs, staff, budgets, facilities, external relations and more.

As a graduate of our program, you’ll be equipped to:

  • Manage strategic projects and action plans in healthcare organizations
  • Assess institutional financial and healthcare delivery performance
  • Examine community healthcare needs per industry standards
  • Model accountability with respect to compliance in policy, and regulation and ethical codes of conduct
  • Analyze organizational needs based on clinical and financial data

Add Valuable Credentials

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Our graduates are prepared to pursue board certifications through the American College of Healthcare Executives (ACHE), meeting both the education requirements and depth of knowledge to successfully complete the certification exams. After graduating from this program, you will also have the opportunity to pursue MGMA, AAMA and/or HFMA certification.

Leading in healthcare is especially advantageous. With an aging population and increased demand for services, healthcare occupations are expected to grow 14% between 2018 and 2028, adding around 1.9 million jobs in that same period – faster than the average growth compared to all occupations (bls.gov).


Preferred Application Deadline Term Start
July 1 Fall August
September 1 Fall October
December 1 Spring January
February 1 Spring March
May 1 Summer May

Note: We admit students on a rolling basis. The preferred deadlines help you complete the application process on time, be notified of acceptance and enroll before the term begins. We review applications as they become complete, and admit students for a specific term up to the day classes start. We recommend you work on and submit your complete application well in advance of the preferred deadline, as obtaining transcripts and other materials may take more time.

Steps to Apply

  1. Complete application for admission through UofL Graduate School
  2. Submit $65 non-refundable application fee
  3. Submit official transcripts of all undergraduate and graduate work from accredited institutions*
  4. Participate in admission interview with HMSS Leadership Committee
  5. Check for Scholarships


Qualifying Experience for the Program Requirement:

  • Positions in any healthcare provider, technician, administrator, etc. that serves patients, staff, and/or community members
  • Military Service (Commissioned or Non-commissioned Officer)
  • Federal, State, and/or Municipal civil service
  • Service in medical equipment, supplies, construction or maintenance.
  • Service in health insurance or managed care.
  • Service in medial logistics or pharmaceuticals
  • Dental, Veterinary, Preventative Medicine, Occupational Health, and other Allied Health occupations

Don't have 5+ years of experience? You may qualify for the on-campus Master of Science in Health Administration program.

Admission Requirements

  • Bachelor’s degree from an accredited institution*
  • 5+ years of experience in a leadership role within a healthcare organization or system
  • Minimum undergraduate GPA of 3.0
  • Updated resume or curriculum vitae (admissions committee will review for leadership/management experience)
  • Three recommendations from individuals who can speak to the applicant’s academic or professional capabilities
  • One-page personal statement written by the applicant that is a clear, substantive description of his or her goals in public health and health care management

Note: GRE not required for admission.

For more information on the admission and application process, please contact our Online Learning Enrollment Counselors at 800.871.8635 or by email at online@louisville.edu.

Credit Transfer

You may transfer up to six credit hours of coursework from an accredited college or university.*

*See the Graduate School Transfer of Credit Policy for more information.

International Applicants

If you live outside of the United States and intend to complete an online academic program at UofL from your home country, be sure to view special requirements for international students.


The online Master of Science in Health Administration is a 57-credit hour program, broken down into 21 courses. The curriculum is consistently updated and approved by local, regional and national organizations including Baptist Health, Humana, Kentucky Hospital Association, Louisville Metropolitan Health and Wellness, Norton Healthcare, University of Louisville Health System and Veterans Health Administration.

Course List Credit Hours
PHMS 505 Governance and Management of Healthcare Organizations 3
PHMS 509 Health Finance and Financial Management 3
PHMS 523 Public Health in the U.S. 3
PHMS 610 Health Policy and Analysis 3
PHMS 615 Introduction to Health Systems 3
PHMS 620 Healthcare Strategic Management 2
PHMS 625 Population Health Management 3
PHMS 630 Human Resource Management in the Public Health Sector 3
PHMS 635 Health Law and Ethics 3
PHMS 662 Health Economics 3
PHMS 680 Health Management Leadership Seminar 1
PHMS 681 Population Health Quantitative Methods 3
PHMS 682 Population Health Information Management 3
PHMS 683 Healthcare Quality Management 3
PHMS 684 Project Management for Population Health 2
PHMS 685 Health Operations Management and Science 3
PHMS 687 Managerial Accounting for Healthcare Managers 3
PHMS 688 Healthcare Marketing 2
PHMS 689 Insurance and Alternative Payment Models 2
PHMS 690 MSHA Capstone 3
PHMS 694 Current Topics in Health Administration 3
Total Minimum Credit Hours Required 57


Course Descriptions


    • To be accepted into the MSHA, do I need a bachelor’s degree in a healthcare-related field?

      No! You can apply to the program with a bachelor’s degree in any field, as long as you have 5+ years of experience in a healthcare leadership role. (If you’re not sure whether your experience qualifies you, send your resume to us at online@louisville.edu and we’re more than happy to help!)

    • If I am a physician, nurse, or other licensed healthcare provider, is this program right for me?

      Absolutely! One of the prime reasons that we developed the online Executive MSHA program was to provide working healthcare clinical professionals that opportunity to earn a graduate healthcare management degree and obtain focused, critical leadership and management competency development to more effectively serve in executive positions within healthcare organizations.

    • What type of experience meets the program requirements?

      This program is designed for a wide range of organizational leadership and management roles, as well as a variety of health and non-health industries. The experience requirement includes:

      • Positions with any healthcare provider, technician, administrator, etc. that serves patients, staff, and/or community members
      • Military Service (Commissioned or Non-commissioned Officer)
      • Federal, State, and/or Municipal civil service
      • Service in medical equipment, supplies, construction or maintenance
      • Service in health insurance or managed care
      • Service in medical logistics or pharmaceuticals
      • Dental, Veterinary, Preventative Medicine, Occupational Health, and other Allied Health occupations
    • What if I missed the application deadline?

      We encourage you to still apply! Our admissions are rolling and we offer multiple chances to get started on your degree. The main starts are in August, January and May, but you can also start in October and March.

    • Do courses meet at a specific time?

      All classes for the online MSHA are asynchronous, meaning they don’t meet at a set time. However, there may be course elements or deliverables (such as office hours, 1:1 professor and student conferences, etc.) that require a specific time and date to be chosen. These will be at the course instructor’s discretion and will take your schedule into account.

    • Can I complete the program as a part-time student?

      Yes, the online MSHA program is available as both a part-time and full-time program. The full-time schedule requires students to take 2 courses at a time every 8 weeks, with the degree being completed in 2 years (note: you will take 3 courses at a time for just 1 term). Part-time enrollment gives you the flexibility to take 1-2 courses at a time, every 8 weeks, as your schedule allows. Degree completion time will depend on number of courses taken at once. View the MSHA course list for more course information.

    • Can I take courses both online and on-campus?

      Due to the way UofL’s on-campus MSHA and online MSHA programs are structured, you cannot take a combination of online and on-campus courses. You will need to choose and enroll in one of the two options. However, if you start in one format and decide you’d be better suited for the other, you are allowed to switch your coursework entirely from online to on-campus or vice versa.

    • What’s the difference between the on-campus and online programs?

      The primary difference between UofL’s online and on-campus MSHA program is that the online format is an executive track, meaning you need 5+ years of healthcare leadership experience to qualify. This is an important distinction because of the variance in student experience and the types of discussions those experiences may illicit.

      With regard to content and faculty expertise, the online program is based very closely on the CAHME-accredited on-campus program. The only difference in coursework is the required practicum for the on-campus program has been eliminated for the online program, as the online program is designed for working healthcare leaders who are experiencing the industry firsthand every day.

    • What does the admissions interview process look like?

      After you apply, if you meet all the admissions criteria, you’ll be contacted by the MSHA team for an interview. The interview will be conducted via Skype at a time that works best for you, and is really about checking to make sure the online MSHA is the right fit. There’s no trick or games, it’s really just a confirmation that you’re on the right track and prepared to succeed in the program!

    • Will this degree prepare me to get board certified?

      Yes! The FACHE certification exam through ACHE requires a master’s degree. Therefore, the online MSHA degree prepares you with both the qualifications you need to take the exam, as well as the competencies/knowledge you need to pass it. You’ll also be prepared to apply for MGMA, AAMA and HFMA certification, as relevant to your career trajectory.

    • Does this program award Continuing Education Units (CEU) credits?

      No, at this time you cannot receive CEU credits for completing coursework through the MSHA program at UofL.

    • The graduate application page lists MSHA under the SOPHAS application requirement. Do I need to submit that?

      No! While SOPHAS is required for our resident program, the online MSHA program does not require a SOPHAS application to be submitted. Please review our application requirements for the online MSHA program for more details on what we require for acceptance.

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