Dr. Gennaro F. Vito

Dr. Gennaro F. Vito

Tagged as one of the 25 Top Criminal Justice Professors in the U.S.

Dr. Gennaro F. Vito, professor in the Department of Criminal Justice at the University of Louisville has been recently featured as one of the "25 Top Criminal Justice Professors" by ForensicColleges.com. The list is comprised of outstanding professors in the field of criminal justice and criminology, identified in the top 25 criminal justice and justice administration degrees, as ranked by U.S. News & World Report’s criminology rankings (2009).

This is not the first time Dr. Vito has been applauded for his work and contribution to the field of law enforcement and administration of justice. In 2012, he received the Bruce Smith Jr. Award from the Academy of Criminal Justice Sciences. The award recognizes a "person who has been actively involved in criminal justice research or other endeavor which has made substantial contributions to the emerging body of knowledge in criminal justice." It is the highest research recognition awarded by the Academy.

The “Outstanding Mentor Award” from ACJS (2010), “UofL Distinguished University Scholar” (2008-2013), Dean’s and President’s Awards for “Outstanding Scholarship, Research, and Creative Activity” (2002); “Exceptional Performance Award” (1999); and the Southern Criminal Justice Association’s “Educator of the Year Award” (1991) are just a few of the other accolades that make Dr. Vito proud.

As a faculty member teaching online and on-campus courses, Dr. Vito brings a wealth of knowledge to the classroom and infuses each lesson with practical knowledge that students can readily apply to their own work place. His published work includes 11 textbooks, 17 book chapters, 95 refereed, professional journal articles, 9 book reviews, and 43 technical reports on criminal justice programs and policies.

Students describe Dr. Vito and his “on-the-ground” teaching style and personality as a cross between Lewis Black and Don Corleone – strict and fair, assertive and loyal, rigorous and reasonable. His teaching method includes in-depth examination of law enforcement leadership and management issues through analysis of relevant case studies, video clips or articles. Although he allows for an independent study format, he ensures that students adhere to the required schedule of assignments and examinations whether learning online or in the classroom.

Dr. Vito has a Ph.D. in Public Administration, earned from the Ohio State University where he also earned his master’s in sociology-criminology, and has been teaching in the C.J. program at UofL since its inception in 2001. He has also been teaching at the Southern Police Institute (SPI) in the Administrative Officer Course (AOC) program since 1995.

Speaking to the benefits of online learning for all students, undergraduate and graduate, who start by taking the AOC courses at the Southern Police Institute, Dr. Vito said: “Our students are police managers – Sergeant Rank and above – who want to pursue a career in leadership, advance their ranking or increase their earnings. Online Learning at UofL has made it possible for them to complete a Master of Science in Criminal Justice degree fully online. Graduates of the AOC course can transfer in 12 credits from this graduate track and finish their degree online when they return home. There was no other way to do this before the online program came along. Undergraduate AOC students earn 15 transferable credits. They also can complete their undergraduate degree online.”

Dr. Vito strives to provide students with knowledge that improves their analytical and practical skills, challenges them to engage in critical thinking and take the classroom-gained information into the real world. He draws from his extensive experience, scholarly research and industry best practices, trends and concepts. His measure of applied learning is quite simple: “I do not ask my students to do anything that I have not done or am currently doing” says Dr. Vito.

There is little doubt that Dr. Vito has gone above and beyond in terms of leadership and professional contributions to his field. His published work in academic journals, his leadership and expertise, as well as his dedication to the world of criminal justice tag him as one of the top criminal justice professors in the country.

We hope that Dr. Vito will enjoy many more teaching years, awesome achievements and significant contributions to the research of the field, preparing current and future law enforcement leaders to change the world.

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