English as a Second Language Teaching Endorsement (P-12)

  1. What types of positions will this endorsement prepare me for?
    Upon completion of the endorsement program, and a successful passing score on the ESOL PRAXIS exam, Kentucky certified teachers (with an active license) are eligible to apply to the Kentucky Education Professional Standards Board for the endorsement in English as a Second Language (grades P-12). Teachers who receive Kentucky’s ESL endorsement certification are qualified to apply for ESL teaching positions in Kentucky public school districts.

  2. I am not a Kentucky certified teacher. Can I still apply?
    Yes, but we cannot guarantee the program will meet licensure, salary, advancement or other requirements in a state other than Kentucky. As part of the admission process, we will require a written statement from you, confirming interest in the program for personal development only.

    While we certainly welcome out of state applicants to the ESL endorsement program, certified teachers residing in states other than Kentucky should contact the ESL Program Coordinator , Dr. Elizabeth Patton (elizabeth.patton@louisville.edu), to discuss further. For program availability and state authorization regulations in your state visit http://uofl.me/sarstates.

  3. Can I complete this program as part of my Rank I?
    Yes. The Rank I program is flexible and the courses required for the endorsement can also be used toward the Rank I.

  4. Can I complete this program as part of a master’s degree
    Yes. Kentucky certified teachers with a Rank III status (typically those who have completed a Bachelor’s level certification program) can use the endorsement courses as part of the Master of Education in Teacher Leadership, which leads to the Rank II in Kentucky.

  5. I need to take two classes to renew my certification. Can I take two of these classes without enrolling in the full endorsement?
    Yes. The ESL program is a non-degree program and ESL courses are available for professional development or personal growth.

  6. I am a non-native English speaker. What are the requirements for admission in my case?
    Kentucky certified teachers who are non-native speakers of English must have a strong command of the English language with excellent oral and written communication skills to participate and succeed in the program.

    Students who are from countries where English is not the native language are required to submit scores from the TOEFL examination.

    If international students hold a baccalaureate or advanced degree from an accredited institution in the U.S., then they are exempt from this requirement.

    All classes in the ESL endorsement are taught at the graduate level, and all candidates must pass the ESOL PRAXIS exam to be eligible for certification in this area.

  7. I want to travel abroad and teach English. Is this program right for me?
    Absolutely! The four courses required for the ESL endorsement are excellent preparation for teaching abroad. In fact, one of the courses offered is “Teaching English as an International Language” and explores the cultural, social, and linguistic considerations for teaching English in international settings.
    At this time, the University of Louisville does not offer an official certificate in Teaching English as a Foreign/International language, but the ESL endorsement coursework can be valuable for those candidates wishing to teach English abroad.

  8. I am a Kentucky certified teacher, but I have never taken a foreign language course. Do I need to complete any pre-requisites before I can apply to this program?
    The program requires two semesters of foreign language instruction. These hours can be satisfied by satisfactory high school or college-level language coursework. Additionally, there may be other qualifying experiences (teaching in an international setting, living overseas, etc.) that can be applied toward this pre-requisite. Please contact the ESL Program Coordinator, Dr. Elizabeth Patton, for specific recommendations and an evaluation of your experience.

  9. Does coursework emphasize teaching students of a specific native language (e.g. Spanish)?
    No. Teaching English as a Second Language prepares certified Kentucky classroom teachers to teach students who are non-native speakers of English. It is not limited to teaching Spanish speakers.

  10. Are there oral components to completing this endorsement? If so, how are those completed online?
    No. There are no requirements of the program that cannot be completed through online instruction or courses.

  11. Do I need to take the Teaching English as a Second Language (ESOL) Praxis exam upon completion of the endorsement?
    Yes. Earning a passing score on the ESOL PRAXIS exam is a requirement for Kentucky certification.

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