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English as a Second Language Endorsement (P-12)

To be considered for this endorsement, applicants must have a bachelor’s degree and an initial Kentucky teacher certification. Be sure to review all of the admission requirements on the Apply Now page.

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Course Code Required Coursework* Credit Hours
EDAP 518 Survey of Linguistics for Educators 3
Applied Linguistics  
EDAP 535 Teaching English as an International Language 3
Materials and Methods  
EDAP 521 Teaching and Assessing English Language Learners 3
Culture and Society  
EDAP 604 Language Society & Power OR 3
EDAP 642 Literacy Learning & Cultural Differences 3

*Additional courses are available on campus only

The required Field Experience consists of 30 hours of documented observation with a Kentucky certified ESL endorsed teacher.

Important: Admitted students are required to contact Dr. Elizabeth Patton (, ESL endorsement Program Coordinator, prior to registering for ESL coursework.

Course Descriptions

EDAP 518 Survey of Linguistics for Educators

This course is a survey of both the theoretical and applied aspects of Linguistics. This is not an in-depth exploration of single-topic in the field of Linguistics but rather, a course designed to introduce students to the discipline of linguistics, especially those who are classroom educators. This course serves to introduce students to aspects of theoretical linguistics (phonology, morphology, syntax, semantics and pragmatics, L1 & L2 acquisition) and explore various aspects of applied linguistics (Sociolinguistics, Linguistic Anthropology, English Language Learners). This course will encourage students to think critically about language and its use and apply the theoretical aspects of linguistics in a way that informs best practices.

EDAP 535 Teaching English as an International Language

Prerequisite: EDAP 518 or permission of the ESL program coordinator. May take concurrently with EDAP 518. This course will introduce students to the theoretical construct and practical consideration of teaching English overseas. It necessarily assumes English language teaching is an activity infused with social and political implications. By providing a theoretical construct as the course platform, the course will explore the roles of teachers and learners, the context of curricula, and the choice of methodology to reflect the cultural values of teaching English in an international setting. This course will be added as an additional option to the ESL endorsement program sheet; not as an additional program requirement.

EDAP 521 Teaching English Learners in the Classroom

A focus on strategies for working effectively with English learners and their families by teachers in P-12 classrooms

EDAP 604 Special Problems or Field Experience in Curriculum Development

Intensive study in a current problem in an area of curriculum development or curriculum construction.

EDAP 642 Literacy Learning and Cultural Differences

Explores the current knowledge base and theoretical frameworks used to explain differential achievement rates between students of diverse cultural, ethnic, and linguistic backgrounds.

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