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Master of Education in Special Education
Concentration in Moderate and Severe Disabilities

Master of Education in Special Education online degree at the University of Louisville Online

Online courses are accessed via webcam in interactive, synchronous sessions (from 4:30 to 7 p.m. ET on specific weekdays).

The following courses are required for graduation with a M.Ed. in Special Education degree at University of Louisville.

Class Hours
Inquiry (9 hours)
EDSP 639 Research Analysis in Special Education 3 hours
EDSP 644* Applied Behavior Analysis 3 hours
EDSP 669 Single Subject Research Methods and Designs 3 hours
Advocacy (6 hours)
EDSP 627 Applications of Assistive Technology 3 hours
EDSP 652 Academic and Behavior Response to Intervention 3 hours
Action (3 hours)
EDSP 635 Moderate and Severe Disabilities Practicum 3 hours
Area of Emphasis (18 hours)
EDSP 520 Assessment of Exceptional Learners 3 hours
EDSP 546* Behavior Analytic Approach to Communication 3 hours
EDSP 570 Autism: Introduction and Understanding 3 hours
EDSP 594* Foundational Concepts in Intellectual and Physical Disabilities 3 hours
EDSP 609* Moderate/Severe Disabilities Curriculum and Methods I 3 hours
EDSP 611* Moderate/Severe Disabilities Methods II 3 hours
Minimum Total Hours 36 hours

Entry, midpoint and exit assessments are also required for graduation.

*course is required for certification

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