Course List

Master of Education in Special Education
Concentration in Autism

Master of Education in Special Education: Autism online degree at the University of Louisville Online

Online courses are accessed via webcam in interactive, synchronous sessions (from 4:30 to 7 p.m. ET on specific weekdays).

The following courses are required for graduation with a M.Ed. in Special Education degree at University of Louisville.

Class Hours
Inquiry (9 hours)
EDSP 639 Research Analysis in Special Education 3 hours
EDSP 644 Applied Behavior Analysis 3 hours
EDSP 669 Single Subject Research Methods and Designs 3 hours
Advocacy (6 hours)
EDSP 627 Applications in Assistive Technology
3 hours
EDSP 652 Academic and Behavior Response to Intervention 3 hours
Action (3 hours)
EDSP 653 Practicum in Autism and Applied Behavior Analysis 3 hours
Area of Emphasis (18 hours)
EDSP  646  Augmentative Communication 3 hours
EDSP  650 Advanced Applied Behavior Analysis
3 hours
EDSP  651 Behavior Consultation 3 hours
EDSP  670  Autism: Introduction and Understanding 3 hours
EDSP  671  Autism: Strategies and Techniques 3 hours
EDSP  673  Supporting Students with Asperger’s Syndrome in the Classroom 3 hours
Minimum Total Hours
36 hours

An entry, midpoint and exit assessment are also required for graduation.

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