Course List

Master of Education in Special Education
Concentration in Assistive Technology

Master of Education in Special Education online degree at the University of Louisville Online

The following courses are required for graduation with a M.Ed. in Special Education degree at University of Louisville.

Class Hours
Inquiry (9 hours)
EDSP 639 Research Analysis in Special Education 3 hours
EDSP 644 Applied Behavior Analysis 3 hours
EDSP 669 Single Subject Research Methods and Designs 3 hours
Advocacy (6 hours)
EDSP 627 Applications of Assistive Technology 3 hours
EDSP 652 Academic and Behavior Response to Intervention 3 hours
Action (3 hours)
EDSP 688 Assistive Technologies Seminar 3 hours
Area of Emphasis (18 hours)
EDSP 632 Assistive Technology: Universal Design for Learning 3 hours
EDSP 661 Assistive Technology: Assessment Data Collection and Decision-Making 3 hours
EDSP 663 Low Tech Assistive Technologies 3 hours
EDSP 664 Assistive Technology: Computer Access and Switches and Toys 3 hours
EDSP 665 Assistive Technology: Multimedia and the Classroom Integration 3 hours
EDSP 672 Assistive Technology: Autism 3 hours
Total Minimum Hours 36 hours

An entry, midpoint and exit assessment are also required for graduation.


  1. Minimum of 18 hours in 600-level courses is required.
  2. Transfer credit must be officially accepted by the adviser (maximum of 6 hours) – final acceptance is dependent upon receipt of official transcripts.
  3. A maximum of 6 hours taken in non-degree status can be applied toward a master’s degree ( upon approval of adviser).
  4. All courses must be completed within 6 years of admission to the program.
  5. To complete the program students must have minimum of a 3.0 cumulative grade point average.  No credit shall be accepted for carrying a grade lower than “C”.

Course Descriptions

EDSP 671 Autism: Strategies and Techniques

Prerequisite: EDSP 570. Course participants will examine instructional approaches used with students with autism. Emphasis is placed on research based strategies that have utility in facilitating increases in communication, social, and academic skills.

EDSP 669 Single Subject Research Methods and Designs

Prerequisite: EDSP 644. Students will learn principles and methods of designing single subject research in educational settings and are required to design and defend a research proposal.

EDSP 546 Behavior Analytic Approach to Communication

Prerequisite: EDSP 260 for undergrads or EDSP 644 for graduates. This course prepares practitioners to use principles of ABA to assess and teach communication skills to individuals with disabilities and develop knowledge of current AAC technology and assessment procedures.

EDSP 650 Advanced Applied Behavior Analysis

Prerequisite: EDSP 644 and EDSP 671. The content in this course addresses advanced principles of applied behavior analysis and their application within various applied contexts. Students will conduct behavior change projects and analyze their effectiveness.

EDSP 651 Professional and Ethical Practice of Applied Behavior Analysis

Prerequisite: EDSP 650 and EDSP 671. This course is designed to address behavioral consultation across settings. Particular emphasis will be placed on professional ethics as well as the skills necessary for successful consultation.

EDSP 673 Research Seminar in Autism Spectrum Disorders

Prerequisite: EDSP 670 and EDSP 671. In this research seminar, course participants examine a variety of current issues related to individuals with autism spectrum disorders. Particular emphasis will be placed on early intervention, comprehensive treatment models and meeting the support needs of adolescents and adults.

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